Friday, May 18, 2007

A Little Game

Let's play another little game. Twenty pounds lighter or twenty years younger. I can't believe 20 years ago I was 16! I was starting to get a little wild, but not too outrageous, LOL. My 16th birthday sucked, and I had a rough couple months, then I started dating someone and started having fun again ;) But to be 16 in today's society....I don't know. I do wish I had tried to find someone to teach me to drive back then, I do wish I had kept in touch with those friends, I wish I hadn't thought that the first boyfriend that lasted more than 2 months meant he's 'the one'. But I wouldn't change too much else.
Twenty pounds lighter? Yeah, that'd be nice. I still wouldn't wear some of the young fashions out there now, but I'd give anything (uh, like $4500!) to have a body with better proportions. My butt is smaller than my belly and no matter what I weigh, that doesn't change! The strange thing is, the number on my clothes is about the same as when I was 10-15lbs lighter, which wasn't all that long ago, and back when I used to weigh what I do now, my clothes were quite a few sizes bigger. I know sizes have gotten bigger, but that much bigger?

Do I value age or appearance more? Experience or appearance? Brains or bod? What about you?

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Cindy G said...

Twenty years younger, for sure. But then, that would still put me well past 16....

Thanks for the suggestion on grafting shoulder seams. Do you bind off the top of the sleeve, or just work the stitches live?

(It's me, Baxterknits)