Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Magic Loop

Alone with my American Idols, I learned a new trick last night. The Magic Loop. Get your mind out of the gutter; I'm nowhere near flexible enough ;)

I was working on the beige sock, round and round and round. I've been working

Forgot what I was saying; I had to leave for a few minutes.

Oh, I've been using 5 dpn for socks now, trying to avoid the ladders between needles. But I was getting tired of switching needles every 12-15 sts. I don't have many circular needles in the smaller sizes, so using two (something I've done on very large projects) was out. I happened to have one 60cm 2.75mm circular, just the right size to try the Magic Loop. I even looked it up on the Internet. It's convenient in a way--no lost needles, and if you were making something that tapers, like a hat, I guess you could use the same one for the entire project. And it did seem faster. It was awkward at first to hold though, and after a while, my left hand started to hurt, so I set it aside.

I was planning to go out this morning and see if I can find a 2.5mm circular anywhere. But no....I have come down with something; food poisoning or a stomach bug. Huey is also feeling ill, but he's contained himself so far. Me....not so much.

I'm not a puker. I've had three incidents in the past 12 years, and I can't remember any before that either. The last time was when I was 30 weeks pregnant with Huey. I have a weak stomach, but a strong nose. Things just don't go past my mouth if my nose says no. We all ate exactly the same thing for dinner last night--pork Souvlaki from Sobey's. We've had them before. They were well cooked thanks to a diaper incident in the middle of making dinner. I started feeling ill before I went to bed, slept very poorly, but as soon as Rob got in the shower at 6am, it was all over. And wouldn't you know, Lucy and Huey both woke up very early this morning, and because we didn't go out to school....Megan slept in.

Things are still churning. Froot Loops are not a good snack when there's a possibility of them coming back up. The blue ones look like mold. I'm already disgusted at how dirty the toilets are, LOL.

I wanted to post some pictures but I couldn't find the camera cord because we are re-organizing. Getting grown up furniture :)

Off to lay down some more!
Megan's first birthday, Nov 17 2006

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z said...

oh no :(

i hope you're all feeling better very very soon. upset tummies are the worst. headaches are manageable, but that twisty turny up and down tummy... ugh.

~~~ healthy vibes ~~~