Friday, June 15, 2007


May/June is a time of a lot of birthdays (and one? anniversary) in our family. We had the following conversation here last week.

Me: It's Uncle Ted's birthday today!
Lucy: How old is he?
Me: He's turning 38!
Lucy: Wow! Firty-ate!
Huey: But mom is only 8. So Uncle Ted is ALOT older than her. And Allie is 9. And I'm 7. I don't think this is all right. Johnathon's mother is only going to turn 4 on every birthday. How come kids get older but adults don't? Why is Uncle Ted not a small number like you and Johnathon's mom?

This is Allie and Huey at his party.

Aunt Lou is also turning firty-ate. Or maybe she's turning 10?
Because, you know, she certainly looks like a 10!

And Jenn and Steve are celebrating (I hope) their 11th wedding anniversary! This picture is from last year's 10th wedding anniversary surprise party.
Look carefully between Jenn and the cake. That's their son Logan! Neither Jenn nor Steve are firty-ate!

This is the whole gang, August long weekend 2003!! Who are all those little people? LOL. The one in my arms, scowling, is Lucy. She never smiled for anyone. Allie is in the middle front, wearing a dress I knit for her birthday the year before, I think. It's the same pattern as her Christening gown, but I used two blue, and one white cotton to match her eyes. Where's that dress now? And beside her is Jasmine, also with big blue eyes! Uncle Ted is the one beside Rob. We haven't had everyone together like that very often. I mean, everyone! And we're missing the Jacksons in this picture too :( Seriously, it's going to be a long time (probably, eh, Uncle Mike?) until there's another wedding, or another christening!!


Knitman said...

Great to see happy families. Now did I read correctly and picked you as the lady in the pink top holding a baby?

Your comment about Rte 7 was a real surprise! Glad you know it. That day was surreal. I had been driving hours and seen nothing but snow and I saw that sigh for Chinese Food a ,long way away and didn't believe it was real! A mirage i thought!

Anonymous said...

the dress that allie is wearing abby is wearing currently, one of her favorites actually : )

look how little all the kids are!! They are growing so fast !

Cannot beleive that we are at the 10 year mark already, it has just flown by. Did the kids have fun on June 2nd? and did they enjoy there loot bags ? How are you feeling boob wise ? Thinking about you and hoping you will email me about that thing that the 4 of us kids are supposed to plan ? nudge nudge hey hey,
i don't say it often but i love you sister ! keep smiling