Friday, June 08, 2007

Knitters Make the Best Friends!

Really. If you're a knitter, your closest friends should be knitters. Who'd want to receive a Sudoku book/handlebar warmers/heritage tomato plant seeds/a memory card/..... when you can have these:
These charming flowers are from Zehava (can never remember if there's the www in her address, it's also there on my links). She's the one who's stepped up and offered her house most Thursdays for our Knit Night after things fizzled at the local store. BUT....sob....she's moving!! And all the way to Shelburne! (Right?). And not till after Lucy is done speech therapy so I won't be able to drop in! But lucky girl, she'll be near a nice yarn shop!
On Wednesday around 2:30 my parents arrived, bringing Huey and Lucy home. I went out to greet them, and saw three figures ride up on bikes, and stop at the road. I thought "Who could that be; it's too early for school to be out; I don't know anyone who rides bikes...Maybe if I look away they'll keep moving..." LOL. It was Z and her two kids bringing me the flowers! I don't get fresh flowers much; our old cat used to eat plants. So it's nice to have that splash of colour again.

I thought I'd get artistic, LOL, Lucy told me it looked stupid.
And this! Oh La La! I have a ball of STR! I can actually use those letters in conversation about MY OWN yarn! Thanks SO MUCH to Cindy, another member of our group (who does not come out often enough!). I actually met Cindy first when I was pregnant with Lucy; we had the same OB. But for sure, when Lucy was about 6 months old I went to Shopper's Drug Mart without her (yeah, that IS an event!) and met this woman and baby in the baby aisle. Her baby was named Violet and her birthday is within a few of Lucy's. Thought not much more of the encounter. Then, shortly before Lucy turned two, Tobi started having the Knit Night at her store as the "Orangeville Knitting and Crocheting Group" disbanded. There was a woman talking about her almost two year old....named Violet. I kept thinking "Where would I have heard that unusual name before?" but it took me a bit to figure it out.

So, anyway, Z couldn't host last night, and I offered to, as that meant I wouldn't have to go out. I keep getting headaches, and I get so tired by the evening. But I also haven't been out to the group in awhile (forever, it seems). I didn't know Cindy has been reading my blog and brought me this ball of the coveted hard to get here. It's so pretty! I love purple and blues together, and the shots of yellow make it different than the other purple/blue sock yarns I've used. I can't wait to get started. But I want to pick the perfect pattern, and not just cast on for the quick fix, LOL. I think I have a pattern in mind, so it shouldn't be too long.

And also, welcome to Sandra who ventured out to meet us! How neat that both you and Cindy have Standard Poodles! I am sure I have met you somewhere before. Did you by chance go the Georgetown group recently? Do you work somewhere here in town? You certainly have your hands full, so I think you should definitely add a weekly two hour breather to your to-do list!

So, I'm off to lay down for a bit before Megan wakes up. It's a PD day, and although having all the kids home ALL day is a little tiring in it's own way, not having to wrangle Megan into/out of the truck several times is a nice break. I was pretty worn out last night (I was almost hoping that no one showed up, but at the same time, knew that I needed the distraction to get my spirits up).

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z said...

bummer i couldn't make it out last night :( i ended up with a headache that was threatening to turn into a migraine, so i decided to stay put.

dude!!! i am so going for another breast reduction so Cindy will bring me STR too!! SWEET!

i ran into Cindy at Winner's today (forget the "lady's that lunch"... "lady's that shop" is more like it ;) love that gal... she's always a hoot to chat with :)

i'm glad Sandra made it out! i heard she's marvelous :D

how's the "bloodship lollipop" today? better i hope!