Friday, June 22, 2007

No pictures from me!

I have nothing new to show of knitting things. Well, I do have the crochet hat, but no picture yet. I've been a little pre-occupied taking pictures of my breasts. I knew the digital camera would be useful for something. And I'm so NOT going to show those pictures to you! Haa Haa.

Things are not going so well with the boo-boo boobies. Scabs are pulling off leaving unhealed holes. In just about each scab area, I can see the ends of a knot (stitch). Aren't they supposed to dissolve? I read that some can take months to dissolve, but it's slowing the healing, having it embedded in a scab. I got annoyed with going through so much gauze that last night when one of the scabs pulled away with the gauze, I put a band aid on. Charming. At least it's a plain one and not Mickey Mouse or glow-in-the-dark. But I think it's the only plain fabric band aid in the house! And I don't think I can put a band aid on the spot underneath because of all the puckering of the skin (normal) and because it's in the fold. But it's bleeding now.

And the cellulitis? Yup. I went to the ER on Wednesday night. Breezed through the triage quickly, and only a few people ahead of me in the waiting area. I overheard someone talking about a stabbing victim/mother-daughter domestic dispute brought in. No one got taken back in over an hour, and then suddenly it picked up. Triage at 8:59, cubicle at 10:40. Discharge at 11:10. Overall not too bad! Except for not taking enough yarn for Lucy's hat, which was a mixed blessing because the band was too short anyway and I ripped back what I had done of the brim.

(I thought Megan was quietly watching Sesame Street, and I just went to check on her, and she's asleep on the floor. She's not feeling well. But what do I do about nap time? Lucy's not feeling well either. I'm snuffly too.)

So I have a skin infection on the left breast. Quite red, warm, and swollen. The doctor couldn't tell if it's still post-operative swelling, or an abscess. He gave me a double dose of an anti-biotic, and a double dose for the morning, and I've been taking reg. doses every 6 hours since 1pm yesterday, so it's been 4000mg over 32 hours. And it's still swollen (even a bit more) in an uneven way, firm underneath, which indicates a large likelihood of an abscess as they can be hard to treat with anti-biotics (I looked up the drug on the Internet and found that it is derived from a fungus that was found near a sewer in Sardinia. Uh huh.). My family doctor doesn't work on Fridays, my PS office is closed.

The pain is less today though, although maybe the two Tylenol 3 I took late last night are affecting me. I gave in to the pain last night after someone at Knit Night mentioned that I looked like I was in pain. I've had fairly chronic arthritis pain for the past 3 years. I enjoyed one month on Vioxx before it was recalled. You learn to live with it as a backdrop of your physical being. I do believe I am a wus when it comes to acute pain though, and I realized last night that perhaps giving in to the pain would help. Regular Tylenols hadn't helped, or ibuprofen, so I tried the T3s. Took two, and a Gravol. Got woozy, told Rob to get Huey up for pee duty, and went to bed. Rob comes in later and although I am technically awake (I can hear), I am so stoned that I can't even open my eyes, giving the impression, I thought, that I actually was asleep. Rob starts a conversation, without asking if I'm awake, about whether I got the blood out of his pillowcase. DUDE! Then, this morning, like many mornings, he comes out of his shower and starts talking to me! Go away!

I came to a realization of why I've been reluctant to ask for help during all this. MY friends should NOT be the ones doing what my HUSBAND should be doing. And it's somewhat embarrassing to have a husband that doesn't care enough about my recovery to do the things that are not totally essential to daily life going on. Yes, he cleaned up the kitchen Wednesday night while I was at the ER, but a messy kitchen and no clean dishes, is one of his big peeves. The house is often messy, although I usually try to keep it so that a quick run around would make it presentable enough for friends and family. But it's getting past that now, especially the actual cleaning of things like floors and bathrooms.

I just put a blanket over Megan and it woke her up. Darn. I highly doubt she'll go for a nap this afternoon now (it's 11:45). Oh well, it's survival mode here.

I want to thank everyone that has been reading these past few weeks. Not much knitting content, although I do have a lot I want to say about knitting, LOL. Not many pictures, although I took some today (my mystery plant outside) but it takes too long to quickly add them. Hopefully everything works out over the next week because I refuse to look at negative outcomes until those bridges need to be crossed!

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Anonymous said...

I am so sorry about your boobs ( all of them ) I had a friend who had cellultios (sp) and it was torture for her. I hope the meds work well and fast so that you can get healed up. I hope you have given more thought to heading north when school is out. Sounds like you need some r and r really bad. Mom is a wonder at healing people that are broken in some fashion , trust me !
What is your email anyway, that way i won't take up blogging room LOL , that'll teach me for being anti puter for so long.