Wednesday, June 06, 2007

On the Bloodship Lollipop

Who named it the 'Lollipop' incision? No woman doctor would have called it that. Well maybe a doctor with young children.
The PS warned me I might have some 'leakage of old blood' and he seemed to focus that discussion on my right breast as it has some purple bruising still. Well, this morning at 5:20 I woke up and noticed that my pj top was soaked with blood....on the left side! Eeek! This is Rob's first day back at work, the older kids are still away, what to do? Managed to get some more sleep and the bleeding seemed to have stopped. Started again after my shower. It would pool under the tape and pour out if I leaned forward. It seemed to stop by the time I got dressed, but I noticed around 11am that my shirt was soaked, including the sleeve as I guess I had been sitting with my arm against me and didn't notice (still not much feeling there). It's bright red blood, not really 'leaking' more like flowing. I expected 'old' blood to be brownish/yellowish ooze.

So I call the PS office, and he was in, but I didn't get to speak to him, just the receptionist. She spoke with him and he says it's old blood oozing out. I go back on Monday to get the stitches removed.
There's a few ugly spots; a scab right underneath where every bra I have sits, an ugly spot near the areola where the nurse dug out a staple on Monday. I get tired easily still, and am getting a headache almost every day. It didn't' help that Megan woke up so cranky yesterday, pretty much cried all morning. Had an early, but very short nap, and cried most of the afternoon. Today she is in a better mood and napping right now, her normal time. I think I shall go have a lay down and watch some daytime TV!

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