Monday, June 04, 2007


Had my staples removed this morning. I have a bit of a build up of blood on one side of my right breast, and the doc did some massaging of the breasts to check for ? hard spots? and I'm pretty tender now. I took a Tylenol #3 after we got home (long time after the appointment) and it (I assume it was that) gave me a headache. Again. How can I take a painkiller and get a headache? I took two regular Tylenol at dinner and I don't feel better at all. Head or boob-wise.
I felt like I was going to a test this morning when I was going for my post-op check up. Was I a good patient, before, during, and after surgery? LOL. All I know is now, I'm an impatient patient. I want the swelling to go down! The fake look is groovy and all, LOL, but I want my clothes to fit!

I'm filling out my passport application in anticipation of a 10th wedding anniversary cruise this fall. You've got to fill out info on two people that have known you for two years. Previously I had planned to use a neighbour and a knitting acquaintance. However, we've moved, and the knitter is also in another town and doesn't come to our group anymore. I've got my local knitter's group.....Sharon--you've known me for two years (Megan is now wearing the sweaters you knit for Beth that you passed on to Lucy!), and who else? There's the developmental social worker that's known me for 4 years and is one street over now....wonder if her phone number is in the book....has the internet replaced real live friends? I was never a big 'best friends forever' kind of gal. I had lots of friends, but kept them at arm's length. Sad.

Knitting. I'm doing some. Perhaps working with cotton doing lace right now is not the best thing. But also working on socks. No pictures again. Sorry. I feel too scattered. Rob has one more day off, the kids are away at Grandma and Grandpa with the Pond, except for Megan who has disowned me and glued herself to Daddy. In fact, she has finally said something other than a shriek. Daa Daa. Yup, my rule is over, LOL.

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Anonymous said...

Hey glad to hear your in the world of the living. Can't wait to check out the new you. Of course you can use me as a reference. Do you know how long it's been? Hughey was a you were expecting
him when we first met.scary how time goes by.