Friday, June 01, 2007

Perky is not usually in my Vocab.

Surgery came and went and I am recovering nicely! Very bruised, and swollen, but none of the pain and limited movement that I was expecting. I was tired and tender, and there's one spot that is sore, but not bad! I do have a BIG blister on the inside of my bottom lip. The recovery nurse thought I might have bit it after they took the tube out, but I would have had to really chomp down. I think my lip got pinched between the tube and my teeth. I'm not really any smaller right now, but oh, so perky!! LOL. They look fake right now, but that will change. I can't wait for the swelling to go down some more.
Just thought I'd check in and let you all know how it's going. MUCH better than I had planned.


Monika said...

Thanks for your tips! I even know a shepardess, but she has hellish high prizes. She was a business woman first, sheep came later. Unfortunately for me. Did you have breast reduction surgery or something? I don't join Guilds. Don't like that. I'm not a very social person. ;o) My son drove up to North Bay last night. He asked if he should bring me some Vlies or something. God no! I'm not like that (yet). Don't want to wash stinky sheep locks in my bathtub. ;o)

CatBookMom said...

Glad the procedure went well for you.

About the bitten inner lip: try putting Anbesol, the stuff you use for babies' teething pain, on it with a swab. I have a tendency to bite my inner lip a lot, due to a couple of misaligned teeth. These always seem to lead to canker sores (cold sores in your mouth), and I find the Anbesol not only takes away the minor pain but seems to help them heal faster.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are keeping the 'little to no pain' reduction theory going! My surgeon told me that she had very few patients with reductions that experienced the pain other surgeries on the breast did. Glad to know it is holding true for you too!

Maybe it has something to do with the time we spent wishing and hoping for surgery. Kay