Tuesday, June 19, 2007


I've been getting requests to give a boob update. Do they mean my boobs, or the one I'm married too? LOL! More on him later.

The swelling is going down. Things are getting softer and movable again. Hope they don't settle down much lower, it's kinda nice not having to hike them up to put on a bra! I get these bizarres moments of pain, like a twitch, or a contraction, or something. And now that the swelling is not holding everything together, there is new discomfort. You know how when you're really pregnant and you start to feel like the baby might just drop out? LOL. Or, after birth, you have that big belly that's not supported by the baby anymore? It's like that. Driving HURTS. Coming into the school's driveway, and our driveway is bumpy, and HURTS! Walking hurts sometimes too. I just want to wrap my arms across my chest and confine them, but I can't do that while driving, LOL. Back years ago, you used to be given a surgical bra, or be wrapped with a tensor bandage. I think they should still do that!
I have some gross scabs still. The PS said to keep using Polysporin, but I think I might stop. The scab edges are gooey. I'm not bleeding anymore, but keep getting this yellowish goop from the scab edges. I had this happen before once when I fell off my bike and got a bad road rash on my knee.
Yesterday I was feeling pretty good--I felt stronger, capable, and less pain. Then I bumped my knee into my chest. Sigh. I'm not clumsy, I'm proprioceptively challenged. Now that area is pink and tender and swollen a little.

But Megan? The poor girl. Sick again. She woke up a day or so before the surgery (I keep thinking it's 3 weeks post partum, LOL.) with a runny nose. She got rid of that, then it came back this weekend, and now she has diarrhea. I opened her door this morning and nearly fell over. She may look like my family, but she inherited her odour genes from her daddy! So she's cranky again, not sleeping great, etc. I don't understand why she gets sick so often!

And....last but not least, my marital boob :) Let's go back to Mother's Day. Megan woke up at 5:30 (she did go back to sleep) and who got up with her? Uh huh. Then he spent the day fixing the toilet that had been broken for two months while I looked after the kids and made breakfast lunch and dinner. So Sunday was Father's Day, and Lucy and I tried to get him a present on Sat. but it didnt' go well. Anyway, although his attitude and behaviour had been much improved, I decided to give him a little taste of his own medicine. Now, I'm not much of a talker, so he knew right away what I was up to. I guess the smile didn't help either, LOL. He could tell it was in jest, but I think he got the message by dinner time, he wasn't laughing too much by then.
However....this weekend he wants to go away for two nights to go in the "Ride for Sight" a charity motorbike ride that he had participated in years ago with the street bike, and now there's a dual-sport version. Having a congenital birth defect affecting his eyes and vision, he feels partial to this charity, even though he's not affected by the particular illness they're raising money for. So, I don't want to be the wicked wife and say no way. I will definitely be slacking off Sat/Sun. BUT! The house is a disaster, there are mountains of laundry in all stages of life cycle, and between soccer on Wed, and going to Toronto on Thursday for new bike tires, and leaving Friday after the kids go to bed....when is he going to clean up the house? I mean, it is getting to that gross stage. I don't mind picking up some dishes and toys, but I'm not mopping the floor or vacuuming the stairs, especially. If he doesn't do his chores I might have to ground him! LOL.

I'm way past my personal time limit for blogging and have much more to say. Like, I haven' t given my Daddy Father's Day greetings!! And knitting? Well, I crocheted a hat for Lucy on Sunday but it fits Megan better. I get the stitch gauge good but am WAY off on the row gauge! So I'm making a bigger one for Lucy and it's probably going to turn out too big!

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Anonymous said...

Glad your boobs are healing up, sorry it hurts you to drive : (.

school is almost out YAY ! so it will be better soon and i am sure so will you. : )

Poor baby girl sick again, give her lovin from us, just on the cheak ok, i don't want to get sick LOL, allie is all worried about her baby !

Fathers day was a bit of a bust here tooo busy to worship ted as he deserves but he loved his monty python movie ! He is away again for work, the weeks go so slow when he is away. thou i love having the bed to myself !

You have GOT to get on facebook like super fast, it is amazingly fun. i spent this afternoon with jennifer hillman ! It was so great to walk down memory lane : ) we were wild back then weren;t we ?

take care of you !
xo Nan