Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Back to Routine

So, today is the first day of school! Yeah! I get to use the computer all afternoon...if I wanted, LOL. I can blog without interruption! I can drink Diet Coke without sharing! All kinds of crazy stuff.

But have I been knitting? Do I have anything to actually blog about? Remember the cute hats I made for the girls? The first one took a day, the second one took a week....the one for me took a month...It looks cuter on Megan than on me, LOL. I thought I was being creative with my striping, then I looked at my original hat and see I did the exact same pattern of stripes!

And this....well, the brown is still green (this is the yarn I dyed that was supposed to be brown). It is the "W Tank" from http://www.knitty.com/ from at least a year ago. I started it as we left for our holidays, and was pleasantly surprised at how fast it was going! Then I had some technical issues. The garter st wedges are all the same--the go on either side of the armholes, and the front and back necks. For the first part of the wedge you are increasing to get to the almost full length of the strap. I didn't really like how that was looking. Then you cast on 6 st to form the little bit at the top of the strap that is straight edged. Do a few ridges of garter st, then reverse it all by casting off 6 sts, and then casting off 2 sts at the start of every other row. I did all that the first time just simply, no special treatments. But I didn't like how the cast on 6/cast off 6 sts didn't match, and how the two sides of the strap didn't match. So for the next one I fiddled and tried some things. However, it affected the angle of the edge.

I don't know how well you can see it here, but the right edge of the front neck is tighter, not quite as long. It's going to need some crocheting around the edges to smooth it all out, so next time I wouldn't bother fussing, I'd just do the crochet edging.
I think I'm a little off on the gauge too (no, I did NOT do a swatch). But the cool thing was I managed to knit it all on a 16" circular as it turned out that was the only length I had in the right side. I would recommend though that you use a yarn that will block well, or slightly textured to hide some of the 'roughness'. I can notice in the picture that the transition from garter to stockinette is smooth, but the transition from stockinette to garter is 'steppy'. It's all done with short rows, so it's a great way to showcase multicoloured yarns.
As I was sewing it together, I realized that not only is the front and back the same, but if you turn it 90 degrees, it's also the same! I'm not sure why it wasn't done as one piece, but perhaps having the two side seams helps for when you get dressed, LOL. I still need to do the bottom 'band' or something (got to find the pattern...)

I've also been working on the Lotus Tank, from the cover of Interweave Knits...last summer? Again, it just needs to be sewn up and some edging done. I just started a 'scarf'...almost a lace stole from Interweave...spring 2006? I'd really like to get these finished up (well, the scarf has a LONG way to go), and some other things sitting under the desk....I also have a million pictures to download from our trip and from my parent's 40th anniversary party....and a cruise to plan/shop for.....

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