Monday, September 24, 2007

Getting Old

It's been a kick ass week. Sometimes I do the kicking, sometimes I get the kicking. To prove that I was being sarcastic about being the only one who could still fit in my dress from Ted and Nancy's you go. It might be buttoned up, but I can't make fast moves, LOL. And those wrinkles on the back are not just fabric, there's some soft and squishy flesh filling out the wrinkles!
And ain't that a pretty sight (NOT!). My bust is in the wrong spot or something, and the post-4-pregnancies belly....So, while I CAN button it up, I can't do anything but breathe shallow and hold my arms still :)
You know what's funny? When I edited the picture, on the bookcase behind me, I could clearly see Dr. Phils' Weight Loss Solution book, LOL!
And you want to know the REALLY funny thing? I was getting ready for bed, and as I moved the dress off my bed....I put a BIG Oreo cookie smudge on it! LOL. Perhaps if I laid off the Oreos...

And this is the "EASY!!" dress I've been working on. The front's not too bad, as long as I stand up straight and don't lean forward, but the bodice straps are too long and instead of it tieing with the satin ribbon behind my neck, it's actually catching the fabric in the bow. But here's the money shot! LOL. After struggling all week, worrying about some issues that were fine, and being shocked with other issues that weren't fine, I got the zipper in. Even after the reduction, my back is still too narrow for my size! I've got to take out at least 3 inches of the back. I have to re-do the zipper anyway, so I don't feel too bad.

I used to wonder where my extra 20lbs are. Yeah, my boobs had at least two pounds, LOL, and my belly has another ....10lbs....but look at that back padding! Yah know, it would be totally fine with me if gravity would affect THAT and slide it down to my butt to make it more porportional! LOL.

I've pretty much come to terms with my weight/shape/size. I eat mostly healthy, I'm pretty active, and the meds help my cholesterol and blood pressure, LOL. It would take much more work than I'm comfortable with to get back to where I was 18lbs ago. I know the statistic is 5 lbs per kid....I just put it on BEFORE I had the kids ;)

Bones are for the dog; meat is for the man!


Knitaholictoo said...

Actually the dress is lovely on you! I love the fabric. It just looks like the back is a little long-waisted, like you have to pinch out some length from the back pattern pieces. Otherwise you should definitely use it again! Very nice!

Lucky Canuck said...

Hey, you did a fine job! Dresses are my next stop in the learning-to-sew journey.