Thursday, September 06, 2007

Going Around in Circles

I forgot to write about these little things! Two little round dishcloths made on my standard gauge Singer 327.

When I was baking loads of stuff for Mom and Dad's 40th anniversary party, I realized I would need more containers to cart the stuff up there (I did NOT want to use 20 Quality Street tins, which are my usual containers). I asked on Freecycle for the loan of containers, and Judy came through. We've passed a few things between us and she's the one who sold me the Singer 327. When she delivered the containers (an very unexpected and very welcomed surprised), she also brought along a few cones of Size 3 cotton she found (it's amazing what she finds in her house. Looks small from the outside, but there must be some secret rooms in there!). She also mentioned that she is moving out of our area.

So, having been raised to never return a container or a dish empty, I made these up, using the yarn she gave me. The one on the right is plain white and a little larger (done by changing the tension, but this yarn still gave me headaches. There might have been some thin waste yarn caught in the tension dial of the yarn mast though).
The one on the left is white with a silver strand in it and was the first of the two that I made. I hadn't made these dishcloths in awhile, and never on the standard gauge, and I messed up the first wedge (on the right side, from 2:00 to 3:00). It has too many short rows. But some steam blocking with my great Shark iron made it behave!
I included these along with some leftover squares, when I returned the containers. We chatted for a bit, and she took everything inside....I haven't heard anything back, so I hope she realized there was something in one of the containers (it was a large, translucent Tupperware box; there were two of them, so I think she'd notice that one was heavier and looked like something was in it!). I know she's extremely busy, but I really hope she's not going to get a nasty surprise when she goes to store her Christmas baking, LOL.

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