Saturday, September 01, 2007

My Kids!

My kids are watching Gremlins (it may be #2, I don't know) on TV. Sure, it starts out all cute and furry. Then they get moster-fied. I think it's scary. They are laughing their heads off!! Well, that's how I usually treat horror movies too, LOL.
One of the gremlins grows wings and gets out to the streets of New York. An older couple are gawking up at a cathedral, the circular windows, spires, gargoyles....(and the winged gremlin appears). Huey sees the cathedral, and shouts "It's Gotham City! Spiderman is going to come save everyone!!". OMG. The world to a seven year old!
(Even I know that it's Batman that lives in Gotham City, LOL).
They think it's hysterical that I said it was on when I was 13 and thought it was too scary. I still haven't seen the whole thing. But I am sitting at the knitting machine, knitting!

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Cheryl-lynn said...

I actually remember watching those movies with my two cousins. They loved moves like that, so I would watch them. Most of the time though I was screaming under the blanket with my cousin drew. LOL! Great memories though, I think there was a gremlin movie when they were at a circus and at the end the gremlin was in a tolite or something. I was very scared of the tolite for a little bite. I was like 7!