Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Some Good, Some Bad

The Good: Another top, just like the white one, but without the pocket, and with the proper sized sleeve elastic. This is a light beige crinkle cotton gauze that started out life as a summer time baby wrap for Megan's first summer. My fondest memory of it was picking blackberries, and feeding her (9 months old!) berries as fast as I could pick them. We ended up with a big purple splotch on the wrap, but it washed out fine. I never liked back carries with the wrap (although we haven't tried since moving on to back carries with the MT), so it had a limited timeframe to use. I had cut the fabric so it was half as wide to use as a wrap, and it was JUST wide enough to fit the front piece of the shirt on it! I'm not sure why the back is made in two pieces, except that the same pieces are used for a dress with a zipper.
I did put the back darts in this time, and like the trimness they give. I'm proud of them too. Just before doing them, I read in a book how to do them--sew from the center to the point. I would have started at the point and ended up with a pucker. More ends to tie off, but a much better look!
And now, the Bad: Coachella.
I had totally passed over it, even though it said it could be worn with a halter bra. Then I saw Rachel's sweet version and thought, it looks good on her! And it didn't take too long! Then I saw it on Lisa. I could use the Patons Fresco I have kicking around! I thought the verigated would add some interest, and when I first tried it on, I liked how the stripes go upwards. The first time I tried it on I was braless and I thought it looked okay. I don't know what the hell happened for that photo there! OMG. Looks like my surgeon should be on the "When Good Docs go Bad" shows on TLC, LOL. I didn't know what size to make, but Rachel made the 29" size for her 38" bust so it would be snug. I also made the 29" size, I think I was planning to some how increase a bit extra for the bust, because I didnt' want larger armholes. But I think I forgot to do that.

I think it's too snug around my ribcage, where I have some extra padding that I really don't like.
And then, I ran out of yarn. I don't know yet if I made it to gauge, or even how long it ended up, but I'll check that later. The problem is (other than I don't think the blues look as good with jeans as I was hoping) that the bottom rolled edge hits the waistband of my jeans, and gets pushed up. And even when worn with something else, it's too small to pull down over my belly/hips.
I like the pattern. It was quick and easy for maximum results. But the yarn I used is too thick--not gauge wise, but it's a flat, tubular ribbon yarn that knits up thick. And I think I needed more ease to compensate. And more length. So this item won't be cruising with us in 10 days time (what happened to losing 8lbs before the cruise?!). I'll finish it up (weave in the ends) when we get back, and maybe I'll think of someone just as short as (or shorter) me but skinnier. And I do think I'd make it again, but I'll be more careful about gauge and yarn choice and sizing.
And for tomorrow's post, come back and see ANOTHER disappointment!
Edited later--I realized after the cruise that I DO have a halter back bra, although it doesn't fit all that great. Maybe I'll try the top on again, now that I lost those 8 pounds, LOL

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Knitaholictoo said...

ARRGGH! I hate when that happens! I just started a skirt and ran out of the discontinued yarn half way! Too bad about the top! All that work! I liked it, too when I saw it, I just have too much back fat to wear a racer back. *SIGH*