Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Stomach Saga Continues....

.....on my other blog! It's still not over, and now I have a cold or something (do you get fever/chills with a cold?).

Is there a way to transfer blog posts from one blog to another? Including the comments? I suppose I could copy and paste, but how would that work for comments? I'd like to take the non-knitting posts from this blog and put them on my other blog.

And how do you find out how many people have looked at your blog? Cause I know you're not all leaving comments! LOL.

I promise I will have some knitting content soon. It's been a very rough month and I haven't knitted a whole lot.


Susan said...

Why not try
You can see how many visitors you've had, what country they are in, how they got to your blog and what links they clicked to leave your blog.
I like to see what people have asked google to search for that led them to my blog - it can be quite funny at times.

smariek said...

I hope the stomach saga has passed. That just can't be fun at all.

I second what Susan said about sitemeter. Works great and is free.