Thursday, January 10, 2008

Back to the Hat

ALrighty, sorry for the intermission, let's get back to what's important.

Those tipless gloves. I loved them. Made them last winter, wore them all the time. Apparently lost them on Boxing Day, either at Wal-Mart (Haven't checked) or Home Depot (Rob checked). But before that, I made a hat to co-ordinate with them (not matchy-poo!).

Here it is on the floor of the school gym while waiting for Lucy's Christmas concert to begin.

Not a great picture, is it?

Uh oh, with the new computer, I don't have to go to the editing software to re-save pictures as .jpg files, so I'm forgetting that some pictures need some editing! I was LOVING the hat.

Okay, I'm sure that one was vertical when it got pasted here.

I had made a hat just before this one that I really liked, but I had some issues with the design and the fit. I'll discuss that one next time. I casted on for the whole head, then short rowed starting with about 35% of the back stitches and adding one more each side until I was at 47% of the stitches. Because, I measured my head and my ears (and I'll bet, your ears too) aren't located exactly at the half way point. However, the angle is a little steep and my earlop still gets exposed. You'd think Canadians would evolve so that their ears would be covered by a simple toque style hat. I can fold up the longer portion for a cute look.

However, the hat is not very dense, and while it fits better than other hats, is not terrible snug--it slides around. So, even though I knew it would totally screw up the ear coverings, I decided to lightly felt it. Lightly. And I did (and considering what happened when I felted some clogs with this wool next....yikes!). Now the hat is more dense, but covers even less of my ears. And still slides around. But it's still cute! It's "Sean Sheep" from Wal-Mart, "Armatage" is the one. It's 100% single ply wool, 118yds (or maybe 108yd/118m), for $2.69!! Less than a ball for a hat!! Less than 2 balls for lady's clogs! Needless to say, they are almost totally out of stock now!

I was thinking of adding cords so that I could embrace my inner dork and tie it under my chin on those really bad days. When I pull it down, it does cover my ears, but it just won't stay! No one else ties their earflap hats though....

More hats to come.....I am on a quest for the perfect hat.


~Debbi~ said...

Earlops? Say what? I've never heard that term. You're so talented. I started crocheting a scarf when I was younger and never finished. I think I still have it in a box, this 10 foot long beast that shall never adorn a neck. I don't know how you have time with three kids, though. I'm losing my mind with two!

TracyKM said...

Haa Haa! I knew it looked funny. How about earlobes? LOL.
The good thing about crochet is that if your scarf is 10ft long, just cut the yarn and pull it through the last loop and you're done!
I lost my mind with two kids too. That's how I ended up with three :)