Friday, February 22, 2008

Christmas Past, and Past, and almost Past

I started this in July/Aug 2005 for Huey. He knew I was making it, and sometimes asked when I was going to finish. Awhile ago, I thought it was time, and got out all the pieces. Somehow, while hiding in the bottom of the basket, the alligator ate his own leg. I was so ticked, I put him back in the basket. I finally decided to tackle the reptile and show him who's boss, and I finished him as a surprise for this past Christmas. I was really pleased with the buttons, although I'm not sure what the yarn tail hanging out is. Man, it took a lot to stuff this sucker though!!

It's a pattern from LionBrand. I used Homespun for one of the colours and Bernat .....something....I actually bought enough yarn for a slightly different coloured one for Lucy. Anyone want three balls of two different green Bernat yarns?

For new pictures, see here!

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