Thursday, February 28, 2008


Often knitters talk about growing as a knitter---trying new techniques, new colours, new ideas. Not very often do we talk about knitters growing.

Megan 'knitting' while lounging under the knitting machines desk, circa Nov/Dec 2006. Note the bag of green stuff between her legs....that's the alligator I just posted about, LOL.

Megan 'knitting' yesterday. She has decided that this green project is hers, and she asks me to sit with her and knit quite frequently. Charming at 4pm, not so much at 10:30pm. And trying to figure out how a non-verbal child is saying "Knitting"? It's a very similiar sign to the ASL for 'Popcorn'. LOL.

The crazy thing is, she's making almost as much progress on it as I am ;)


Lisa W. said...

thanks for stopping by! what adorable pics of a 'growing knitter' lol! and happy belated birthday to you! here's the link for the flower pot holders. visit again soon!

smariek said...

I love that last sentence!

I've given Miss M her own knitting, but she always wants to play with mine.

Cindy G said...

What a cutie pie!