Wednesday, February 20, 2008

More Christmas Stuff

Really, I'm not TRYING to stretch Christmas out as long as possible. Between chicken pox, colds, no naps, an 'import pictures' menu that is now MIA.....
I can't even remember what I"ve shown and what I haven't. I still can't find the awesome warm plum stripped mittens. I might rip apart the matching slightly felted hat and make more mitt/fingerless gloves with it. I made real mitts to go with the turquoise hat/almost mitts (so, I can wear a real mitt on the left hand, and an 'almost mitt' on the right hand, LOL). I've just made two "Thorpe" ear flap hats. I made Huey some mitts out of the black/grey/white yarn below, and a pair of mitts for Megan with Classic Merino in hot pink. And I thought I was being a good mom when I made mitts with 25% wool yarn before! Nothing but 100% wool for my kids now! Me, well, that turquoise was about 50% wool and the lack of wool is okay because the strand of glittery gold makes up for it, LOL.
Every year, the one side of the family does a gift exchange game. It gets very heated and exciting, LOL. I thought, this year, I'll make some clogs. The pink ones went over good on the other side of the family, and this side is even more appreciative. I used the Sean's Sheep Armytage from Wal-Mart, about two balls for the orangey pair, and a little over two balls for the white/grey pair. Uh huh. More for the smaller pair.
Felting is fun. Felting is not an exact science, and not for those who thrive on exactness. I made the orangey pair first, using the woman's large (9-10) size. They were a touch small on me, and although some of the girl kids have almost adult size feet (at age 8?!), the game is really for the adults. So, I thought, I'll make a pair using the man's large size, so they should felt down to be a ladies' large. Right?

Well....felting is fun.....they did turn out VERY thick and substantial. I used 8mm needles, just like I did with the Headwaters Wool pair from last year, and the Lopi pink pair from the other Christmas party. One strand. They aren't too fuzzy, almost a blend of Headwaters and Classic Merino. I'll use the yarn for felting again, but if I'm going to make clogs again, what size?! LOL.

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Cindy G said...

Ooh, those clogs look great, and warm, and fun, and warm. Lucky giftees!

(And I'm so glad someone else remembers the Valentine books)