Thursday, February 21, 2008

Not Christmas, but Still Old

I started working on these pajamas back in the fall (and I finished them just in time for the Chicken Pox in mid-Jan.). I bought a bit more fabric than the pattern said cause FabricLand flannel is not as wide as 'normal' brand flannel. But the cutting lady didn't know A) if I needed extra to allow for shrinkage compared to what the package said to get and B) how much extra to allow because it's narrower. So 'we' guessed. I washed it up right away, and got cutting pretty soon.
However....I knew this was a one way fabric but somehow forgot that when I laid out the pants pieces! Huey would NOT have upside down skulls on his pajamas. Not even when I said that if he looks down, then they're right side up. Argh. I cut more pieces the right way. Then, I laid out the top and found I could use the legs for the sleeves, but I'd still need a bit more fabric for the body of the shirt.

These are raglan sleeves, and from a knitter's perspective, it's done wrong. LOL. There is a seam on the top of the arm, neck to wrist, as well as under the arm. So each sleeve is two pieces. Perhaps this allow for better layout/less fabric when cutting, but it seems silly to add a seam where one isn't needed. You don't notice it in the patterned fabric, but you would on a solid.

The ribbed cuffs were another new thing. The instructions perplexed me, but I muddled through. For the pants, he likes the cuffs snug, so I wrapped the ribbing around and measured it that way. But for the neck (and sleeve cuffs), I just went with the pattern pieces. The neck turned out huge. I re-did it, and it's still pretty loose, but he actually likes that. LOL. I made a size 6-8 (he's 7 1/2), and they fit decently I suppose. He's actually smiling in the picture, and wore the pajamas for more than one night, all through the night, so I guess they're a success?

Pajamas have been a good way to practice sewing AND have an end result that's usable. I don't want to make pillows or purses or aprons; things I won't bother using, so these have been a good option. I highly recommend it for new sewers. The flannel is ALOT easier to work with than the rayon I used for the flowered dress in the fall! OMG, I thought I might never sew again!


smariek said...

Funny how they have to have things "just so". The PJs look great. You have been so busy with so many different things.

Will have to try your trick with almonds to see if it helps my skin.

~Debbi~ said...

My child thinks anything with a skull is a pirate so he'd love these "pirate pajamas." He wouldn't care if they were upside down, I think. He just recently started asking to pick out his own outfit - and only every so often. I love 4 year olds!