Monday, March 31, 2008

Christmas is Over!!

The long awaited finale to Christmas 2007! I kept postponing posting this because some new photo issues/new computer things have been happening, and indeed, today when I went to download the pictures, the computer suddenly downloaded ALL the photos on the card....over 500 pictures, most of which had already been downloaded. Then, I had to go find WHERE the computer put them! FOr some reason, the computer has been making a new folder in Lucy's 5th Birthday folder, and importing all new pictures there (a new folder each time we try to download). So I decided I might as well sort those folders out right now while I'm here and not too distracted, LOL.
This is the Spring Blossoms Shawl by Fibertrends. Make with 5 skeins (1000 yds!) of Peace Fleece in Antarctica White. By the end, each skein was only knitting up about 15 rows, and the repeat is 16 rows. But the yarn is fairly economical, has a great story, and washes up beautifully. I used 6mm needles, and had to borrow some from a Freecycle friend--in the end, I think I had 4 sets of circular needles in use! In progress, spread out on the mini-trampoline. I was hoping it would only need 4 skeins and I could do other things with the 5th one, but no.....I was basing this on the Hemlock Ring afghan that's so popular. I was going to make it, but I'm just not a fan of Feather and Fan, and it just didn't seem 'right' for the receiver or the yarn.

It also took alot longer than the 30-40 hours reported for the Hemlock Ring!
Lucy's artistic shot while I was trying ot decide if it would block out big enough, LOL.

This is it spread out on my bed just before I blocked it

Rob cut up my styrofoam blocking board when we moved (May 06), so I bought these squares at Wal-Mart. They were supposed to be grey on the other side, but they're not. If they were joined together, it would be 4ft sq. So, I estimate the blanket to be about 51 inches. Is that big enough for an afghan, for someone who's not too tall?

A close up of the pattern. It really didn't stretch out too much when I blocked it; I could have used 6.5mm or 7mm needles, but also, it's not going to lose it's shape as easily either by being knit too loose. It's been done for over a week now, sitting in a box, waiting to be mailed.....I keep procrastinating so much with this blanket!! But now everything for Christmas 2007 is finished!! Is it too late to start on Christmas 2008? LOL.

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