Monday, April 07, 2008

Fashion Help

The problem with getting 'old' is that fashion starts repeating itself, and sometimes, you just don't want it too. I see alot of tank tops this winter, worn layered over blouses and t-shirts. I've already done this fashion years ago (okay, a little more than 2 decades ago, gulp). So whenever I try to layer a tank top over something, I feel that I'm either wearing a shirt under the tank because I forgot some personal hygiene that morning, or because my wardrobe is so sad that I'm trying to wear summer clothes in the winter. Anyone have any hints or tips or similiar issues?

But I would really love to wear my Lotus Blossom tank, and this W tank. I'm not overly in love with this though. Remember the great dye misfortune and how this was supposed to be shades of brown? I think I would have really preferred that. The green doesn't 'go' with anything I have. I don't think I can make pants to go with it, I don't wear skirts enough.... it just doens't quite look like I envisioned (I really wanted to be the skinny model in the pattern pictures). If I ever find a better yarn in the right gauge, I might try it again. Or, maybe I should not have a short 5 year old take the picture? Maybe it's the triple chins that are bothering me more than the actual tank top? LOL.

I actually had this all finished and wearable early last fall; that's how you know for sure I'm not in love with it; I hesitated on blogging about it for so long!

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