Thursday, June 12, 2008

Stop It!

People who haven't seen Meg in awhile are surprised at how big she's gotten. I know she's been growing like crazy, but the proof is in the pictures!

These two pictures were from mid-December. The following is today, almost 6 months after the top two pictures.

(No, actually Lucy's shoes DO NOT fit her, but she wanted to dance, LOL). She's grown 4-5 inches (mostly in the leg, I guess) since Christmas. She's now almost 38" tall and about 35lbs. No wonder she's wearing the clothes Lucy wore when she was 3-4. She totally skipped the 18-24 month clothes (by the time I got the size 2 box out, she was JUST fitting in it). No wonder people think I'm crazy to still be wearing her on my back! I think I might have to make a taller body Mei Tai, LOL.

What happen to my little peanut, who wasn't even 19lb on her first birthday?


Toni said...

Your girls are lovely!

smariek said...

Woah, photos don't lie and that is quite a big difference! They grow up so fast, it must be nice that she can wear Lucy's clothes. I can't believe Miss M just moved into size 4 clothes, and she hasn't even worn all of her size 3 clothes (not because there wasn't enough time, but rather she is very choosy about what she wants to wear). You're getting quite a workout carrying 35 lbs, lol.