Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hey! There was Another FO!

I totally forgot about another FO, probably cause it's already in use! I made Meg a pair of longies from the pink Briggs & Little that I bought at the K-W Knitter's Fair. I did a cable up the leg, but that's a little hard to see. And I tried a ruffle at the bottom. It's okay, but somehow, the pants ended up too short. I made them on the LK150, and handknit the deep ribbed waist, and this time added a drawstring. They are not as soft as the Peace Fleece ones, but that's okay---she's always asleep when I put them on her, LOL. One morning she did decide to keep them on cause it was cold out :) Last Thursday I was feeling too sick to go to band practice, so I went to a special meeting of the Halton Hands in Motion Knitting and Crocheting Guild. This is the 'Georgetown Group' that I used to go to every month. They had their first meeting in Sept 98; I joined Sept 2000. The original members from the first meeting were all honoured with gifts and stuff and I'll admit, I felt a little left out. I had almost joined the years before, but we didn't get my little car until Nov 98 and I wasn't comfortable driving down there myself. I did get my picture taken for the local newspaper, and I mentioned that I had been coming for 8 years; all the way from O'ville! There were some little games, like at baby showers, and I won a package of "Kleenex" with sheep on it. Much more elegant than my roll of toilet paper that I had taken! We had been asked to bring something old, related to knitting. Most people brought their first/an old project. I had forgotten about it, and was looking around for items for the show and tell. I grabbed the longies from above, and when show and tell started and we were reminded about 'old items' I used the longies as an old 'idea' with a modern twist. LOL.

This isn't really finished, but I'm not sure when it will be. When will Zeller's have Bernat yarn on sale? I finally decided to stick with the tuck pattern I had used for the first blanket, but do 4 rows blue, 2 rows white. No switching around of the carriage for odd number rows. It was going fine until I noticed a section in the middle seemed to have a different tension!I really don't know what happened!! I hope it comes out in the blocking! Then, right near the end, I wasn't paying attention, and had every MK nightmare happen!!
The yarn came out of the carriage and that makes the knitting fall off when you zip across! Eek! I got it back on, tuck sts and all, and finished off. Then casted on for another baby blanket using stash yarn and a slightly different tuck pattern that I'm not enjoying much, and could probably have done much quicker and easily-er on the Singer 327 although I thought the yarn might be a tad too heavy. It's probably not, but I did need something for the machine in the garage to keep me busy when the kids are playing out front, LOL.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Finally, a FO

Sigh. It's been a FO drought, but I did a quickie project to help fight the chill. FiberTrends felted clogs! And, it stash busted! It's all Lopi (not Lite, not Bulky), one strand, and 8mm needles. I made the ladies' large, which is a size 10. They are a smidge big on me (I"m almost a 9), but I'll be able to wear them with thick socks. These are the first pair for myself!!

I bought the main colour from Camilla Valley Farm late June, the light blue and dark green for the soles came from Rob for Christmas a couple years ago, also from CVF. It took slightly more than one ball of the main colour--I think I started the second ball just after starting the cuff.

As usual, I thought they looked a little large pre-felting. Who doesn't think that?!Here's a little tip. Although you need hot water to felt, don't use the diaper load for the extra agitation and to try to conserve water. LOL. Plus, as usual, I put a bit too much detergent in. Oh yeah, total bubble bath in the machine!As usual, too, they didn't come out exactly the same. I tend to get one that has a nice shaped opening, and one that gets a little flared. I was a little worried that the light coloured yarn wouldn't felt well, but it was fine, and I quite like how the little specks of colour appeared after felting. They are quite hairy, not surprisingly though as the other Lopi ones I made last Christmas were quite hairy!

And because every other knitting blog seems to have a cat, I thought I'd show you a picture of our new cat:It's a new breed: GoldenFurline. can't seem to find the head?LOL!!!

Recognize the colouring?

No, it's not a cat. It's the result of a 5-minute Cooper brushing....after having plucked out a handful of loose hair while outside! He is shedding like crazy!

Yes, we choose our pet(s) to match our furniture. And our new carpeting, LOL.

Saturday, October 04, 2008


A brief history. Nothing important, LOL.

Before I moved to Orangeville, I had attended one or two Creative Needlework Festivals in Toronto. Back then, around 1996/97, there was not much knitting on the internet. I was a member of (Delphi back then) and spent a lot of time on the knitting forum---although not as much time as I spend on the computer now! We moved to O'ville late '98; I didn't go to the Festival that fall as we got married on Thanksgiving weekend, LOL. In O'ville, there wasn't much knitting going on either. You could get yarn at Wal-Mart and Zellers, and in a gift/art supply shop downtown. In March of 99, I saw an ad in the newspaper for a talk at a museum on the history of knitting/socks, and then weekly sock knitting classes. I thought "Why would I want to knit socks?" I had never used double pointed needles, and I"m not sure if I had knitted circularly at the time. Eager to meet other knitters, I went to the talk, and signed up for the classes. I learned about 'sock yarn' as opposed to regular yarn. We had to buy it from the teacher, who was also a weaver and got it from her supplier (people say it's like crack, LOL).

The classes were held in a little area of the county museum. It was a pretty drive up there, about 25 minutes. You could take either boring old Highway 10, or scenic but deadly Airport Rd/County Rd 18. I usually went up on Highway 10 (it was Sat. morning, LOL) and back on Airport Rd. If you go here and watch the "Main Gallery" show, you'll see a bit area between the log houses (yes, there are real log homes INSIDE the museum). This bright area is a large window which over looks Airport Rd and the farms. The view isn't spectacular; it's just a farm with a cedar woodlot, actually rather dreary in the spring. But I chose two yarns that looked like that farm---a grey/moss marl and a solid moss. Got started, knitted for a while on the 2x2 ribbing and found out the next week I was knitting inside out. LOL. Easily fixed. I finished the first sock and was so impressed with myself! I even knit the second one. The instructor handed out an old Patons/Baldwin/Beehive instruction sheet on grafting the toe, and I've never looked back.

Before the classes ended, I bought some more of the yarn, Schoeller-Esslinger Fortissima 6 ply to 'use up' the leftover yarn from these socks. A few months later, the teacher offered a few knit nights in her home and I bought a few more balls. I think this was the official start of stashing (as opposed to making the Kaffe Fasset sweaters when I bought lots of yarn but for a specific project that I then actually made).

I remember going to the Creative Needlework Festival in October 2000. I had signed up for my first classes that summer, never even thinking about the fact I had a newborn. On the Friday I took Huey and all the 'stuff' (this was pre-sling days when I was still hesitant on nursing in public--I knew I could, but it was physically awkward for me). The first class was something with Lucy Neatby. There were about 12 women around a table, in a large room that had several other classes going on in different corners (one was Lily Chin, one was a sewing class). Huey had slept all the way down of course, and woke up for the class. He was awake and active, but not crying or anything. Part way through, an 'official' came in and asked me to leave! I don't recall seeing 'no babies' in the booklet, but I didn't have it anymore. It was in there next time!

I spent the rest of the time shopping. One of the first booths was always Koigu. (It is possible I saw it before this time, at an earlier show). I bought two skeins, one cream, one brown/moss/purple. I wanted to make Rob socks. I had tried before, with some Kroy, but he didn't like them. The Koigu was $11/skein back seemed a fortune to me, but there wasn't much available in 'specialty' sock yarn! There was also Shelridge Farm, and I don't remember any other ones. Everyone seemed surprised that a) I knit, and b) I knit socks. They weren't quite the hot item they are now. I popped into the afternoon class I was supposed to take, and got the handouts.

The next day, Saturday, Huey stayed home and I went to my other class. It was about how to be a knitting teacher. At one point, a woman mentioned that some stupid lady had brought her baby to a class and thankfully she got asked to leave. I spoke up and said that stupid lady was me and I spoke with the instructor after and she was not the one who complained, and hadn't minded the baby....she was more upset about being in one room with other classes going on (especially Lily Chin's bright yellow sweater). It was interesting, to say the least.

Anyway. The Koigu. I played with it for a long time. I also got a mini skein from one of the classes and thought it matched, but it turned out to be slightly different (I think Koigu has way too many 'colours' that are very similar). I ended up with many mini skeins, getting the two multi colours mixed up. I learned that I didn't want anything stranded on the bottom of my foot, and I felt that a sock yarn blend would be better for the foot. At the time, that meant sewing the sole to the top. I decided on Kroy for the sole, using leftover yarn from the first pair of socks I made for Rob (that he didn't like and I now wear). I needed more. Bought more, found out it's 4ply and I had been using 3 ply. I think I kept the heel turn and toes in 4 ply. THe guage for the sole was different than the top of the foot. A simple project took forever (I don't know. It certainly was not instant gratification. I wanted perfection.) At some point I decided they would be for me instead of Rob when he kept insisting he doesn't like wool socks. Finally, I ended up with these:

Why do my ankles always look so thick in hand knit socks? I really don't think they are that thick in real life! Anyway. There is no stretch to these socks, and they are a pain to get on. Once on, they feel great, but I never wear them cause they are so unstretchy. They also got slightly felted. I put them on yesterday when I was so cold, but realized soon that the sole was still good old Kroy, and while warmer than Wal-Mart socks, not as warm as 100% wool. Also, I was surprised to find out the heels are wearing really thin---the same coloured/yarn Kroy socks that I made Rob that I now wear quite a bit are not that worn!

So, I actually do not have a pair of 100% wool socks yet! The Shelridge Farm wool I used finally last year, they accidentally got a little felted too and I gave them to my cousin's daughter. I guess I better hurry up and finish the entrelac socks in the STR. Of course, because I'm so cold, I'm working on a pair of felted clogs. They are going good and I guarantee you that next week when it warms up again---that's when they are being felted and dried! LOL.

I find social history of knitting very interesting. Have I ever posted why/how I learned to knit? Also, knitting trends are interesting. When I started knitting socks, people were like 'Why?' and there was very little sock yarn available, mostly boring standards like Kroy. The increase in popularity of socks can be directly linked to the Internet, and probably has a lot to do with too. You can see changes in sock pattern history, from lace, to plain but self-striping/hand dyed striping, to the current popularity of semi-solids paired with twisted stitches and large patterns taking the whole sock to show. THe number of yarn dyers specializing in sock yarns is phenomenal! There is a new interest in sock architecture too which is fabulous, although I do feel a little sorry for a new sock knitter trying to choose what to do! Back then, there was heel flap or short row heels, star toe or wedge toe, and all were done top down. That was it. Only a few sock books (but lots of old vintage patterns around), and the designs in some of them look quite old now, LOL. My nine years of sock knitting has been interesting, but I really wish I had more socks in my drawer to reflect this history!!!

Friday, October 03, 2008


I had no intentions of being 'away' for so long. I'm at the computer a lot, but I don't actually sit down much, LOL. Meg and I are still figuring out this 'home alone' thing and although we have some routines, each day is very different! I was also, I'll admit, hoping for some more comments/entries!! I know more than three people have read the blog!
Well, my random number generator (Meg and a cup) picked #2, which was ikkinlala. I don't know ANYTHING about you!! LOL. I think Marie needs to knit with some handpainted/multi-coloured yarn sometime soon, LOL, and Linda, anytime you want something, you just call me up and come shopping in my basement, LOL. So, Ikkinlala, send me an email tracykm at yahoo dot com so I can get your info!
I have nothing new to show. I'm working on a shawl. It's getting slow. My February Lady Sweater needs to be totally frogged. My entrelac socks got ripped back a bit, re-knit, and have just been waiting for when I need brainless work but not in the dark (it's short row heel time). I started Enchanting, from Fiddlesticks knitting, and it's been rough going. My Spring Thaw socks are frozen. There's a pile of little things that need buttons, etc. I can't remember the last time I actually finished something, other than the blankets I've been doing on the LK150. Oh yeah, another one to show, needs an edging though, but need more yarn for that. Sigh. And, to top it off, I'm FREEZING, so I've started a pair of Fiber Trends clogs for myself.

Now, I'm off to change from 75% wool socks to 100% wool socks (do I have some?) to see if that helps any. Seriously. I am so cold and stiff. But, I'm going to walk to get the kids---we have done it EVERY day so far, I'm so proud!!