Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hey! There was Another FO!

I totally forgot about another FO, probably cause it's already in use! I made Meg a pair of longies from the pink Briggs & Little that I bought at the K-W Knitter's Fair. I did a cable up the leg, but that's a little hard to see. And I tried a ruffle at the bottom. It's okay, but somehow, the pants ended up too short. I made them on the LK150, and handknit the deep ribbed waist, and this time added a drawstring. They are not as soft as the Peace Fleece ones, but that's okay---she's always asleep when I put them on her, LOL. One morning she did decide to keep them on cause it was cold out :) Last Thursday I was feeling too sick to go to band practice, so I went to a special meeting of the Halton Hands in Motion Knitting and Crocheting Guild. This is the 'Georgetown Group' that I used to go to every month. They had their first meeting in Sept 98; I joined Sept 2000. The original members from the first meeting were all honoured with gifts and stuff and I'll admit, I felt a little left out. I had almost joined the years before, but we didn't get my little car until Nov 98 and I wasn't comfortable driving down there myself. I did get my picture taken for the local newspaper, and I mentioned that I had been coming for 8 years; all the way from O'ville! There were some little games, like at baby showers, and I won a package of "Kleenex" with sheep on it. Much more elegant than my roll of toilet paper that I had taken! We had been asked to bring something old, related to knitting. Most people brought their first/an old project. I had forgotten about it, and was looking around for items for the show and tell. I grabbed the longies from above, and when show and tell started and we were reminded about 'old items' I used the longies as an old 'idea' with a modern twist. LOL.

This isn't really finished, but I'm not sure when it will be. When will Zeller's have Bernat yarn on sale? I finally decided to stick with the tuck pattern I had used for the first blanket, but do 4 rows blue, 2 rows white. No switching around of the carriage for odd number rows. It was going fine until I noticed a section in the middle seemed to have a different tension!I really don't know what happened!! I hope it comes out in the blocking! Then, right near the end, I wasn't paying attention, and had every MK nightmare happen!!
The yarn came out of the carriage and that makes the knitting fall off when you zip across! Eek! I got it back on, tuck sts and all, and finished off. Then casted on for another baby blanket using stash yarn and a slightly different tuck pattern that I'm not enjoying much, and could probably have done much quicker and easily-er on the Singer 327 although I thought the yarn might be a tad too heavy. It's probably not, but I did need something for the machine in the garage to keep me busy when the kids are playing out front, LOL.


smariek said...

I think it's wonderful how your kids wear whatever you make them. Mine is so picky I never know what she'll like anymore. Her latest thing is her current size clothes is that she doesn't like shirts with buttons. Huh?! Reasoning with her by pointing out that we (DH & I) wear button shirts makes no difference.

Toni said...

Hi Tracy.. I love those leggin's they are fantastic. Toni