Friday, October 03, 2008


I had no intentions of being 'away' for so long. I'm at the computer a lot, but I don't actually sit down much, LOL. Meg and I are still figuring out this 'home alone' thing and although we have some routines, each day is very different! I was also, I'll admit, hoping for some more comments/entries!! I know more than three people have read the blog!
Well, my random number generator (Meg and a cup) picked #2, which was ikkinlala. I don't know ANYTHING about you!! LOL. I think Marie needs to knit with some handpainted/multi-coloured yarn sometime soon, LOL, and Linda, anytime you want something, you just call me up and come shopping in my basement, LOL. So, Ikkinlala, send me an email tracykm at yahoo dot com so I can get your info!
I have nothing new to show. I'm working on a shawl. It's getting slow. My February Lady Sweater needs to be totally frogged. My entrelac socks got ripped back a bit, re-knit, and have just been waiting for when I need brainless work but not in the dark (it's short row heel time). I started Enchanting, from Fiddlesticks knitting, and it's been rough going. My Spring Thaw socks are frozen. There's a pile of little things that need buttons, etc. I can't remember the last time I actually finished something, other than the blankets I've been doing on the LK150. Oh yeah, another one to show, needs an edging though, but need more yarn for that. Sigh. And, to top it off, I'm FREEZING, so I've started a pair of Fiber Trends clogs for myself.

Now, I'm off to change from 75% wool socks to 100% wool socks (do I have some?) to see if that helps any. Seriously. I am so cold and stiff. But, I'm going to walk to get the kids---we have done it EVERY day so far, I'm so proud!!

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smariek said...

I actually understand being at the computer and not actually sitting down much. lol.

I had to frog my February Lady Sweater. I heard the yarn I chose tended to stretch larger (maybe from the bamboo content?), so I think I would need to choose a different yarn for this project.