Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Knitting

I just found this link from one of my Yahoo knitting groups. Check it out and make the fastest holiday sweater ever! LOL.


Anonymous said...

Completely unrelated, but I won't be able to reply to my actual emails/blog comments until next week, so I wanted to leave you some info you'd asked for. I didn't record the info for Sheldon #2, but for #1 I have notes that it took only 94.2y of the white for the body, and 51.8 of the blue used in the shell. The blue was used for the outer shell, the inner lining of the top shell, and the icord trim. If you only use the contrast yarn for the outer part since no one can see the inner piece of that part, it will take even less. I didn't find it that fiddly...the head/body is one piece, then you knit 4 legs. Don't sew them on until after the shell is knit. The top of the shell is knit next, then the bottom lining of the top part. You sew them together by hand 3/4 of the way, stuff lightly then close. I pinned the edges first so it wasn't fiddly at all. Then you knit the bottom piece and join them with icord. Maybe a bit long, but not "fiddly". The last thing is to put the shell on the body and mark where the legs are to go (so they line up with the leg openings). I would do the back 2 legs first, pin them in place, ease off the shell and sew them on, then put the shell back on, pin the 2 front legs, and repeat. If you haven't sewn toy parts together you might find that fiddly, but it didn't take long and once that's done you're finished!

CatBookMom said...

ROFL!! Our RSVP volunteers get a 'thank-you' luncheon every year, and you would be amazed at the dozens of variations on the holiday sweater that show up. Thanks for the happy!