Friday, May 29, 2009

The Power of Numbers

Thanks for the compliments on the February Lady Sweater. Like other knitters, I sometimes get "PPLD".....Post Project Let Down Syndrome. You pour so much into a project, and then it's done. And gone. Truthfully, it's not a 'bad' syndrome, but it can take some time to recover from. I've been working on little things, things on the knitting machine, even a bit of crochet. Not much is interesting. But I'll continue to plod on.

I have posted in the past about how Bernat/Patons yarns can create some interesting patterning with their variegated yarns. I ran into this again this spring. On the Wool Soaker group I'm in, someone was looking for a baby earflap hat. Someone posted a link to one other member's website, and a really cute hat called "Elvish". I decided to 'whip one up' with some odd ball acrylic worsted from the oddball drawer. I'm not keen on acrylic for hats, but it doesn't bother some. I used Patons "Canadiana" in I Don't Know But Might be Equivalent to "Pampered Pastels". LOL. I'd search for the label, but I"m sure you probably don't care too much. I cast on for the toddler size, and got started. It didn't take too long until I realized something terribly funky was going on with the yarn. But I kept going. And going. Eventually, nearing the end, I realized that it was too funky, even for me. Rip.

I didn't think changing the needle size would have much effect, and the needle size had been quite fine already. So, I dropped down to the infant size, (it was either 6 or 12st less) and started again. I got sidetracked by the beautiful stripes and kept going a little bit too long, LOL. But here you have it. If at first your variegated yarn gives you pools, keep trying until you get rivers. I whipped up some i-cord ties on the knitting machine which took about an hour, and tied them to the ear points, which took about 2 weeks. I wish I had a baby head to model it on, but that's not happening. I posted this on Ravelry too; I'm TracyKM there, if you couldn't guess.
The next time I post, I will give another example of perseverance when colourful yarn gives you something icky. Although, one person's ick is another person's yum!

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