Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Just a Little Thing

It hasn't been much of a summer for sun hats. But I wore my 'new' one on the weekend and realized I STILL hadn't blogged about it! I had it finished back in May!

It's from the old Family Circle Easy Knitting and Crochet, Summer 2005. I had tried it back then, but just couldn't seem to get it to work out. Blame it on pregnancy brain.

I just could not get a nice picture!

I don't really like the two shades of beige. Looked better in my dim living room than outside.

I made mine pretty much perfect on the first try. It was a little big on Meg, so I made her one, had a few attempts, but it ended up too small. Try to make one for Lucy and it ended up too big (fits me, but it's purple and pink).
It's a nice enough hat, but I don't care for the construction of it. You have to start with a chain of about 95 sts, then work the shell sts upwards, and then the decreases to the top. Then go back to the chain and work the brim downwards. The increases in the brim are offset on each row so it was harder to keep track of where to put them. I think I'll stick with my other pattern that just starts at the top and goes down, all in one pattern. I couldn't find it this spring, but I've found it now.

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smariek said...

I remember one of my friends explaining how crochet hats fit better because they are done top-down. So I find it interesting that this hat is crocheted bottom-up.