Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Oooohhh My Brain

Math....graphing...geometry...don't know where this falls in. Figuring out a lace knitting chart.

I can read charts. I can knit lace; I can knit lace from charts. I don't create my own lace, but I have taken lace from stitch dictionaries to use in items like socks and even a fancy baby blanket or two.

But this? Trying to figure out someone else's lace chart for a shawl. Many knitters on Ravelry have said the original chart is misleading and hard to read. Some provided their own solutions. Nothing was 'clicking' for me. I got up to row 33 and just could not figure out what to do next. The repeat is 33 rows, but a new repeat starts on row 17 as well. That wasn't hard the first time, but trying to start the new repeat once the first one ends? That's where the chart leaves off.

I printed out some knitting graph paper, got some coloured pens, and got to work. Drew in the first 33 row repeat, then the off-set one on either side. Now, I had to go fill in the second repeat above the first full one. It ended with a YO, K3tog, YO, which results in 3 sts. The repeat starts with a YO. But there was something cryptic in the instructions about only the first and the edge repeats starting with the YO. And, according to my chart, I'd start a new repeat on the outer edge on row 17 of the off-set one, but the 'inside' repeat (the next one to start over the original full repeat) still wasn't finished.
Coupled with this the designer's instruction to repeat rows 3-33.....

Then I realized it! At the top of the first repeat, don't do the YO (not quite sure of this, have to see how it fits in with the repeat to the sides), which leaves one stitch (the K3tog)....which is technically the same as the outer repeat starting with row 1 which is a YO. Basically row 33 of the first, and central repeats, IS row 1 of the next motif heading north!

Just got to see about those YOs, they might be needed for the dec on the edges of the edge motifs. Just like the designer says, it's only the outer repeats that start row 1 with a YO, basically, once in the interior, you just start again at row 3.

Now, if only I could knit it like intarsia, each repeat a different colour like my chart, LOL.

And Marie, to add to my last post....the second group "In Waiting" are the things hidden in the bottom drawer, in the basement, etc. I still know they're there....and there's probably a few things I've forgotten...I have good intentions, especially regarding sewing on buttons and purse handles...but I'd just rather knit most of the time, LOL!

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smariek said...

Oh my, that whole charting thing would give anybody a headache.

Yeah, I'd rather knit too. Wish we could wave a magic wand to get all the finishing done automagically.