Friday, July 10, 2009

Song Sung Blue...

...weeping like a willow...

Can't get that out of my head these days. I seem to be in a blue streak lately. One of my current 'projects' is re-knitting the foot of an old pair of blue socks that I love. I originally knit them around the time of Huey's birth. They were still in the early days of my sock knitting, and they were knit perhaps a tad too small and too tight of gauge. I replaced the foot on one a while ago, and knit it slightly different than the original, LOL. Now it's its mate's turn. I was halfway down the foot when I decided last night that it was too tight. So I ripped. I also went up a needle size. Might as well be happy!

I also have a felted slipper in the works that a blue/green striping yarn. And I've got some blue fingering weight yarn that I really want to work up, maybe into a loose sweater.

I really want to start a shawl, but I don't think this is a good time for it. Too much going on.

Right now, on the needles:
1) "Fixation" socks; two at a time, toe up, on one circular. Not to the heel yet.
2) Old blue sock foot re-knit
3) Felted slippers
4) Chenille teddy bear
5) Fiddlesticks "Enchanting" shirt

Is that it? Also waiting:
1) tree skirt
2) mohair sweater--likely going to get ripped
3) assorted squares for bunny assembly
4) three purses needing handles; some are older than Meg
5) Mom's Whirling Stars cardigan that needs a style overhaul
6) several BSJ that need sewing/buttons

And now, the "want" list:
1) shawl. Actually, about 3-5 shawls
2) dishcloths (machine knit)
3) Noro/Peace Fleece Sweater
4) a couple more Celestine star balls
5) some Cookie A. socks
6) afghan for a gift
7) crocheted hoody
8) crocheted cardi
9) crocheted pullover

I did finish a cardigan in Patons Divine that I'm not totally thrilled with. It still needs some sort of closure, but I think it's too close fitting for such a textured yarn. My shoulders look huge! LOL. I'm sure there's other things for these lists that I'm forgetting. Did I post about the sun hats I crocheted? Oh yeah, a couple more things for the 'want' list....

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smariek said...

Like this post, makes me feel like I don't have that much stuff going on. We're talking about stuff on needles we're actively working on, right? Not stuff that slipped into an obscure dark corner to be rediscoverd aeons later.

Go ahead and start that shawl. Come on, you know you want to. It's only one more teensy weensy little project on that list. :-)