Monday, June 21, 2010

Sneak Peak

The puppy got me up early this morning so I thought I'd get a head start on the day. I do have a handknitting project I've been wanting to blog about, but I've got to get pictures still. What I do have pictures of is the recent 'remodel' of 'my' room in the basement. When we bought the house, I had forgotten about this area. In this picture, I'm standing about where my big knitting machine is in later pictures. I knew about the area to the left you can't see here, with the shelves, but didn't remember how big the room actually was. Once we moved in, I pictured this as my knitting/music/exercise studio. I was dreaming a little big perhaps, LOL. I'm so glad I got the picture before all the stuff came in! I don't have a 'before' picture of the 'remodel' but it's not a huge change anyway, LOL. The big thing was to get my yarn cubbies put up. I really thought it would be too heavy to put on the wall, but Rob said it would be okay because he could use the top trim of the panelling as support. However, when he started looking for studs, there seemed to be a problem. There weren't ANY!
I encouraged him to take the trim off and drill holes every two inches to find the stud. Surely there had to be a stud. He went across 39" and could not find a vertical piece of wood. We concluded that the drywall was held on at the top and bottom only. The next week, we had flooding in the bar area and had to take down some drywall. We discovered there that the 'studs' were just 1x2's (I think), placed horizontally!The shelves down at the end are interesting. The bottom 'shelf' is where the bottom half of the wall is about 12" out from the upper half, then there is IKEA shelves running across the wall. Shortly after we moved in, I was loading up the shelves, turned to walk away, and the one on the far right fell right off the wall. Apparently it wasn't in the 'stud'. Not all of those Rubbermaid boxes are yarn. 5 boxes do have yarn in them, but they're not stuffed anymore. Two of the five are cone yarn. There is also a small box for cotton yarn, and 4 full bags of Patons Divine that didn't fit in any box. The pink and green boxes have sewing stuff/fabric.

Over here is an XL plastic drawer (behind Scooby) that is one of 4 drawers that holds all my odd balls. There is also an 'underbed' size tote with lace yarns (again, not stuffed full). There's some more fabric, some crafting boxes, and some baby/kid stuff to sell/give away. The metal sawhorse will be for the knitting machine in the front of the picture, and my other machine is currently on a sawhorse in the kitchen so I can take it on the deck. The desk is for my sewing machine. Oh, and there's one large bag of assorted yarn from last year's Spinrite tent sale. So, I'm still a little more spread out than I'd like (the other 3 drawers got brought in here due to the flooding, but I don't like the drawers stacked on each other as it makes them hard to open).

I'm glad to finally get my stereo up again. I had fun filling the cubbies. When I saw it, I thought "Gee, those are small cubbies" but then I put in the green yarn in the lower left one, and there was still lots of room! I had planned on using it for 'project' yarns--the yarns I had enough of for a whole sweater. However, many of those yarns are actually bagged and I didn't want to de-bag them just to put them on show (for only myself, really). So I doubled up the cubbies with yarns that I'm hoping to use soon, and it's helped--I started a new project the very next day with one of the yarns, not what I was planning to make with it, but still a good choice! The cone tree I got from an older lady in town when I posted on that I was looking for cone yarn. I got a few cones from her too. Okay. More than a few (many of them are suitable just for waste yarn).
It's not totally finished; I still have to figure out what to do with my 4 odd ball drawers, and the stuff that is just stored in the corner, but I'm loving the room now. Esp. with the awesome light that got put up. It's 24 hours of daylight in there now!

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Monique said...

Looks like this is going to be a nice space when it's finished!