Friday, July 23, 2010

The Importance of a Stylist

Being in a 'new' town, I'm excited to have a whole new selection of knitting book available to me at the library. I checked out a sock book recently. It had some nice patterns, a few unusual ones too. But what really caught my eye was the poor styling.
Having just bought sport sandals with a thong, I would be quite tempted to make a pair of tabi socks (or, also in the book, is a partial sock with no toes, but a thong to cushion the shoe thong). However, the choice of colour for these socks...I know the picture isn't the best (when it scanned, the red wasn't as bright as in the book), but what's the first thing you think of when you look at the close up? Lobster anyone?

Aren't these nice looking, well-fitting socks? In fact, they're on the cover of the book. It's really too bad that inside the book, this is what we see:

Did no one pay attention to the feet while taking pictures (the models are definitely models chosen for their appearance rather than their feet, I think). I would never wear socks like that. How hard could it be to pull them up. Or find someone else with smaller feet?

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