Saturday, January 01, 2011

Wild Tam pt 2

I had some of the glittery yarn left from the wild tam, but not enough to make a pair of fingerless gloves. I wanted to make something my niece could wear with the tam, or on it's own. But what? I posed the question to the Yahoo machine knitting group and got no response, but someone did email me directly with a few suggestions. I decided on a hairband!

I cast on 3st on the mainbed and 3 sts on the ribber, and knit tubular for about 23-24". I hadn't like the first few colours that came up so as I needed only about 22", I thought I could just cut off the first inch. However, when I fed the (6mm) elastic through, it stretched width wise and lost length! I had to put it back on and knit another 4". In total, 580 rows on the counter!

To embellish it, I knit two 5 petal flowers from Carl Boyd. The first one I did at T5, and the second one at T4 to make it a little bit smaller. I crocheted the tails into a loop around the band, so although it's not removable, it can be repositioned if she wants to cover up another colour in the band. I was not terribly thrilled with the colours that came up, but it was on a cone so I couldn't take from the other end without re-winding it. I thought at first I'd do a couple, so they would be in a bunch, but it came out big!
For fun, I slipped it over the band of the tam! It could also be wrapped around the wrist for a bracelet, or around the hair for a scrunchie.The flower is a little tedious to sew in all the ends and steam it (and it still curled a fair bit, being only 73% superwash wool), and I'd like to find some other ideas...I'm thinking a short row flower, knit sideways...
In all, this weighed 14grams, which included the elastic!

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carrie said...

I have no idea what any of that meant, but the end result was awesome.

I'm thinking of taking up knitting for something mindless as you suggested. I need something to keep my mind off of my current circumstances and my kids are not impressed that I have taken to coloring their christmas present coloring books. Although in all fairness I technically paid for them... yeah I need a hobby!! Thanks for the suggestion. I will send my hubby out for some yarn, needles, and instructions...a big book of instructions!