Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Sneak Peek

I've been working on a few projects, they're taking a smidge longer than expected, for a number of reasons (some knitting, some not!).
There was a really popular machine knitting magazine published in Canada, called KnitWords. Sadly, it ceased publication last year, after more than 10 years. The owner is now doing a "Pattern of the Month" club, and I subscribed for the first three months. A bit risky as she had only February's patterns done to show, so who knows what the next two months would be. There's one pattern for 4.5mm standard gauge, and one for 6.5mm (particularly, the LK150), per month. I got started on the pattern for the LK150, called "In The Tweeds". It's a sideways knit piece. I had a few issues with the row counts not matching the pattern, and in one spot, the needle numbers were totally off. It looks really large, but I did get gauge. She says sideways knits will lengthen and get narrow, and this is an 'outer' garment...I hope she's right, LOL. I have to do the sleeves, and there's a hood, and a ruffle trim, and a zipper....

I'm also finishing up the details on my Patons SWS sweater. I went simple, just the same basic Knit Radar pattern as the green sweater, but with a bit of waist shaping, no hem shaping, and some bust short rows. I did more of a round neck, but then after it was done and I was thinking of neck treatments, I realized I wanted a shawl collar. So, it's sort of improvised. Not too shawly, but cute.

I swatched this afternoon for another sweater. It's Patons' Divine, a fluffy mohair blend. I did the first part of the swatch on T10+ on the Singer 155. It's pretty stiff feeling. I haven't measured the gauge, but it lacks the softness, loftiness of other things done in Divine. I'm still enamoured with "Scribble Lace" by Debbie New, and there is a cardigan in "Unexpected Knitting" that I've always wanted to make. So, I gave that a try.
The cardigan is a sideways knit, so we'll see....I'm not sure if I like the wrong side better, or if charting it for sideways knitting might be too much effort. I'll look at the swatch later when it's "rested". Seriously, you have to let them rest after taking them off the machine, LOL.
Oh, and by the way, I'm SO excited to be up to 25 followers!! I thought I'd never get to 20, and then suddenly it jumped to 25! And there's names there I don't recognize! Thank you so much for adding yourselves. I'm starting to add myself to the blogs I read too!


Re-Illy Unique said...

hey Tracy, just to let you know you probably have more followers than you think. I follow your blog, but from google reader, and there are a ton of other readers out there, so you might just have more than 25 *wink*

TracyKM said...

Thanks for letting me know! I know that with my other blog, I have 3 "followers" but about 5 reads daily of new posts (and TONS of readers coming just to find out about Labadee and Montego Bay and Royal Caribbean cruises, LOL). There are some lonely days when there aren't many reads, but now that there's followers and "stats" I feel a little better that I'm not writing into thin air, LOL.

Jennifer said...

I read you through Google Reader too, so count me in!

(And I agree that sideways knits will sag and narrow once gravity kicks in, so hopefully it won't remain too wide).