Thursday, April 07, 2011

Felted Clogs Update

I got around to felting another 3 pairs of the felted slippers I wrote about last week. So much fun. It's fascinating how the same wool, knitted exactly the same, all felted at the same time, turned out differently. The pair on the left were the first ones, that turned out too small after I let them go into a cold rinse cycle while putting the kids to bed, LOL. The next pair are the bolder lime green and purple, in the same fair isle. Then there's the brown/lime green where I reversed the yarns on the bottom, and the right pair are the same polka dots, but I made them 30sts wide, short rowed down to 10 sts, and did 42 rows. The purple ones and the brown ones should be the same. They are very close, but the purple ones are a bit bigger. Both of them are a little too long on me, but snug across the top of the instep. The blue/pink ones are too big for me. I'm keeping the brown ones for me because of the mistake on the top of the toe (see the original post, LOL).
Man, look at the difference, LOL. The polka dot ones feel kinda neat when I first put them on, almost like textured insoles. I don't know if that will last though. For my next attempt, I'll stick with 28 sts, short row down to 11 for the heel, do 40 rows (plain) for the sole, short row down to 12 or 14 for the toe (so they are a little shorter and not 'pointy', and then as I go up the top, I'll increase a couple stitches. Then, I'm going to knit a second sole in fair isle, hopefully seaming as I go. Stay tuned.

(I can't get this picture deleted below, so just ignore it!)


Knitman said...

Excellent! Very clever, good colours, good patterns.

Anonymous said...

fabulous; thanks for the update. I want to try this this weekend on my bulky KH 260...thanks for sharing, Lisa