Monday, May 30, 2011


Back in September 1995, I somehow convinced Rob to go on a road trip to the States.  We'd been dating only a few months, but had gone on weekend camping trips, so, hey, what's a 10 day trip to another country?  LOL.  I had hoped to get to Tennessee, but we made it only as far south as Kentucky, which we loved.  We spent a few days at Mammoth Caves National Park; it was just after Labour Day and a great time to visit.  One day we were looking at a large info board and struck up a conversation with another tourist.  At one point, he stopped, and asked "So, what part of Canada are you from?".  I laughed, Rob was confused.  The "eh?s" gave him away.
Right now, Rob's parents have a house guest from England.  She's come every year since 2006, and stays for a month.  I thought it might be nice to send a little bit of Canada back with her.

We're going to Indianapolis this summer to spend a week with Rob's sister.  I thought it might be nice to bring her a little bit of Canada too.
I've never done illusion knitting, but when I saw this maple leaf chart posted on Ravelry, I thought that would be a cool way to try.  Finding a bright red dishcloth cotton was harder than knitting it!  The stores around here had only a faded red.
I'm not 100% pleased with it :(  The chart is not symmetrical, and I don't know if that was intentional.  It's a little harder to see the leaf than I thought it would be, which is sort of cool though.
I don't know if I should try to alter the chart or just leave it as is.  Your thoughts?


zehavva said...

alter it if you have the motivation :) it doesn't look like much of a leaf to me! :(

CrazyCarla said...

I've been seeking out illusion knitting on the USM. So far, I've not mustard up the courage to sit down and just do it!