Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Good Things Come in Threes

Back in February, I was worried I wasn't going to have any projects to show you, but I'm actually behind in posting new projects!  I decided, in a lull while working on a big project on the LK150, to do some pinwheel blankets for the donation/gift box.  I had gotten 4 balls of Bernat Co-ordinates in yellow, white, tealish blue and pink, from the Salvation Army (plus I had a white ball in the stash).  I would make the blankets on the Singer 155 as the LK150 was sort of in use (and on the backside of the table, a little cozy).
The first one I did was this tealish blue and white.  I used 50st, hold 2st per row, 10 wedges, T6 (I think).  120gr.
I felt this blanket was a little small for my liking, although I'm sure it's fine for a newborn/infant.

The next blanket was a challenge.  I picked up this interesting yarn at the Spinrite Factory Outlet tent sale one summer, probably no later than 2006.  It's a chenille which changes shade and texture, from a dry, thick pale pink, to a shiny, thinner, almost white.  I used T10, but it wasn't quite loose enough for the thicker sections.  I was really concerned about having enough yarn as I had tried to make a square, mitered blanket a few years ago, but ran short.  I got the blanket finished with a small amount left.  However, this blanket had a terrible wasn't laying flat.  I don't mean at the edges...I mean, in the middle!
It looked like a volcano!  I gave it lots of steam, and it started to behave.  I knew I didn't have enough yarn for a worm trim, so I decided to crochet around it, ending whenever I run out of yarn.  Well, on the first try, I did two rounds but made it a few inches shy of joining the third round.  It looked dumb.  I ripped back, hoping to space the sts so that I'd make it on the next try.  But I lost the crochet hook.  I had to use a smaller one, so I ripped back even further, and this time I JUST made it to the finish line.

I took a bit of a break after the two as I wanted to make the next ones with the Bernat Co-Ordinates a bit bigger and had to figure that out.  Turns out, you just add more sts, keeping to the 2st  taken out of hold each time, and 10 wedges.  Adding more sts automatically means more rows.
The third is yellow and white, and I think I used 60sts and T6, which is a bit loose.  I like the size of it though.  I finished off one ball of the white Co-ordinates, but there's still quite a bit of the 3 colours left.  I did weigh it, but I didn't write it down, LOL.  I'll probably make little sweaters to go along with these blankets.  I predict I'll make more....they take about one hour for the blanket, and then there's the edging/sewing up!

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