Friday, May 27, 2011


I've got so many plans/projects  going on that I think I need to make a concrete list, make it public, LOL.
In 6 weeks we head out to Indianapolis to spend a week or so with Rob's sister and her family.  Many of the things I really want/need to get done by then!

true up pattern and make swimsuit
finishing sewing muslin
    -perfect fit
sew green dress based on muslin above
copy pink/black/white knit dress and sew copy
make at least one other knit dress, preferably two
make woven dress
make tops
make shrug (black?)
make cardigan with penguin for Nya
make Indianapolis Super Bowl scarf

Is that it?  Oh my.  Since it seems to take me at least two weeks to sew a dress....yikes.  I'm hoping once I get the muslin done, the actually dress will be quick.  And since I'm copying my knit dress (and enlarging), hopefully that goes quick.  The shrug should be fast as I'll do it on the machine, same with the cardigan, although I don't know what pattern/knit radar I'll be using.
This weekend is busy.  Next weekend is busy.  Busy weeks.  So, I might not blog a whole lot for now :)

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