Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Update to List

true up pattern and make swimsuit
finishing sewing muslin
-perfect fit
sew green dress based on muslin above
copy pink/black/white knit dress and sew copy
make at least one other knit dress, preferably two
make woven dress
make tops
make shrug (black?)
make cardigan with penguin for Nya
make Indianapolis Super Bowl scarf

Update:   Forgot to put Lucy's camera case and hem animal print dress on the list.
I'm almost done the muslin.  I've decided to not make the green dress at this time...I think the fabric would be too heavy for summer, and I feel a little frumpy in the princess seamed muslin.  Although the vertical seaming is supposed to add height, what I see is a big blob, LOL.  With no horizontal definition, you can't tell that I have (a bit of) a waist.  Sure, it's loose and flowy, and probably nice for summer (but so sheer it needs a full slip), but I'd rather have the horizontal seam of an empire waist dress.  I've also been experimenting with tucking in my shirts.  OMG.  It's been like, 15 years since I've tucked in a shirt!
Right now, I'm hemming the animal print sundress.  Cause summer came!

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