Thursday, June 02, 2011

More On Illusions

How nice to get comments again!  :)  I know people are reading, but it's just nice to get feedback.

Z suggested re-working the maple leaf chart.  I could probably manage to make it symmetrical, but to be honest, I still can't really figure out how it all works!  LOL. 

Carla mentioned she wants to try doing illusion knitting on the USM (Bond machine).  The ever-wonderful Heidi has instructions on her website.  I haven't really read it, to be honest.  But while I was knitting the dishcloth, I'd do the knit side row and think "This wouldn't be too bad on the machine" and then I'd do the wrong side row...and think about converting all those stitches...The dishcloth took me one day (mmm...maybe actually two) to knit by hand.  Not a big time investment, and I don't think the machine would be faster for something that small.  Now, for a scarf or wall hanging....I'd think about it some more.  There are some pretty cool illusion designs out there!

As it stands today, I think I'll give the dishcloth to my inlaws' guest and explain it's the prototype, LOL.  I will look at the chart some more and see if I can alter it to make a better one for my sister in law, who is the type of person who always wants the best....if not....then I'll whip up a bunch of Marg Coe's circular dishcloths, and I can use the two day drive to graft them all and sew in ends, LOL!

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Diana L. Sullivan, CPA said...

Illusion knitting goes quite well on the garter carriage - have you tried it?