Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Early in the fall I remembered that I wanted to knit Lucy a Sheldon.  I thought about taking it on our cruise so it would be done for her birthday the next week, but decided it'd be too much hassle with different colours and a long pattern.  Not sure exactly when I started it, but I was pleased at how quickly it was coming along.  Until I got to the part where it says to install the safety eyes.  I had searched this town a while ago for safety eyes for a pair of owl mittens, to no avail.  Lucy has a large bead stash now, so I went shopping in her bead box.
 Simple little bronze beads for the eyes.

 At the start of December, I was contacted by a friend of my mother in law, who needed desperate help with a bootie pattern.  I got distracted by that and totally forgot about Sheldon until the week before Christmas!  I managed to get him done though.
 Lucy loves turtles, and got a few turtle related items for Christmas.  Right now there is a commercial on TV for Earth Rangers.  This environmental group for children was founded by the man who owned the company that Rob used to work for.  The commercial is sponsored by the company Rob now works for.  The girl in the commercial is named Lucy, and she is working to protect the spotted turtle.  If only they had known OUR Lucy!
Used Easy Knit "Georgia Wool" from Wal-Mart. 

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