Monday, February 27, 2012

Another Confession

I'm doing so much charity knitting that yarn is just flying here!  Yet, I'm in that age old conundrum--not enough yarn to use up in a project, so I must buy more in order to use this up, but then I'm left with leftovers again.  Just fresh leftovers now, LOL. 
So yes, I did buy some more yarn on the weekend, but just two balls of Astra, $4.99 each.  Kind of annoyed since it had been on sale the week before.  Oh well.
So that's an additional 100gr, $11.30 to add to the totals:

Yarn In:  10 366+ 100gr = 10 466gr
Yarn Out:  needs to get updated, I've done a lot; must remember to include Hugh's slippers and the green blanket
Amount Spent:  $148.50 + $11.30 = $159.80
Average:  $2.62/day.  

I swear, after I get this load of charity items done, I'm not buying yarn again for awhile!  I went to a machine knitting group today, and last night I had to find 200gr of yarn to take for a scarf.  I was having trouble finding something suitable!  I went right to the bottoms of some of the bins and even found some stuff I didn't quite remember I had.  First up on the list is two patterns from Knit n Style (last fall/summer), and some ribber lesson patterns from Knitwords.  And I'm hoping to test knit a shawl for a friend...

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