Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Quick Project

If you count most of a day, and 4 attempts as "quick" LOL!
Meg got a turquoise coat for Christmas, and she either didn't get a scarf, or didn't like it, and I realized I still had yarn left from making a hat that she then "stole" from me last year.  It's even a little short on her.  I told her I'd make her a scarf.  She said she wanted the same pattern as the hat.
I got working on the scarf, doing the same design as the one I just showed.  I wasn't happy with it (I was trying to make the one tail longer).  Then I realized it didn't have the lace design.  So, I started a cowl instead.  I had a hard time getting into doing the lace transfers.  The decrease is a central double decrease--easy enough.  But when you move the stitch over to form an eyelet, it's no where near where the double decrease is supposed to be!  I finally clued in.  And it went very quick.  However, I just knew it was too big.  Meg got home from school and I wrapped it around her neck, and indeed, it was too big.  Then I tried again, and it was too snug to pull over her head.  The next attempt worked.  I started with an open cast on, and a loose gauge, and with each pattern repeat, I tightened up the tension one full number, then took it off on waste yarn.  I used up every inch of the left over yarn doing the garter stitch borders.

She loves it and wears it.  And it used up 38grams of a yarn I can't get more of (Elann Quetzal or something like that).  I already included this amount in my previous totals, so I'm not officially down anymore.  However, I do have some slippers and a big blanket coming up!

I do figure that I am down to $2.52/day yarn expenditures (Dec 27-Feb 8; 44 days; $111.06)

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