Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sweet Lily Number Two

Oh boy, Blogger changed again.  Hopefully this goes well!  I'm not thrilled with the colour scheme of the dashboard pages, but at least you don't see that :)

As we were preparing to leave for our cruise in October (for a day by day recount, visit my other blog, over in the right sidebar!), I decided I wanted to take a shawl to work on.  Nothing too hard, but there would be plenty of time when I could focus on charts, if needed.  I have many shawl patterns "favourited" on Ravelry....perhaps too many as it makes it hard to choose!  In the end, I opted for another Sweet Lily Shawl.  I really enjoyed this pattern the first time though I wanted a bigger shawl.  I grabbed this skein of Wellington Fibres (Scroll down a little in this post to see the skein; the photos in that post are much closer to the real thing than the pictures in today's post!).  I got the yarn wound into a ball before we left, but when we got to the airport I realized that while I had remembered a crochet hook this time, I had forgotten waste yarn.  I had a pair of socks that I was also working on, so I used some of that, which sucked as it meant breaking the yarn and more ends....
Once we were at the hotel for the night, I worked on re-writing the edge chart.  I hadn't liked it the first time, and changed it, but never wrote it down.  It's the very outer chart, doesn't include the Sweet Lily part, which is fine.  I hadn't liked the way the YO, k2tog ladder shifted at the start of every row repeat (12 rows or so).  Despite writing it down this time, I did find that the very last section did end up with an error!  Oops!

A close up of the ladder and points.  I'm not a fan of the points; I tried to open them up when blocking, but that's a lot of pins!  You must be sure to cast off each point VERY, VERY loosely.  As in, hold the yarn loose, with your fingers, after casting off the stitch so when you work the next one, it doesn't get pulled tight.
Why, when I set the mouse where I want to type, it just keeps jumping down to some other position?
Close up of the Sweet Lily portion.   It's a little busy in this yarn, but not terrible.

The lace part.  The easy part!  This yarn is so soft, but also VERY slippery!  I had to be really careful anytime I set it down and picked it up.  I was really pleased when the lady in airport security was looking in my purse/knitting bag, and asked if the projects could be picked up/taken out, rather than just yanking everything out of the bag.  It would have been a nightmare if she had just grabbed this!

A shot, with a neat effect showing the pattern.  I actually finished the shawl in mid-March, and took it to my parents in March Break to photograph.  It was too sunny though and that's why everything looks washed out.  Check out the other link to see the real beauty of this yarn.

I said this last time I made the shawl, and I'll say it again...I want to make one using just the lace wedges, and then pick up and knit a deep border, either downwards, or side to side (depending on yarn amounts).  Maybe two borders, why not?  I could also knit a sideways shawl on the knitting machine and hand knit a lacy border....

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