Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Butterick 4018

I've been wearing the same dress for band concerts for a long time.  I bought the dress when I was at my old weight, and I knew it was too big, but it was stretchy, layered, etc, and didn't look too big.  Then I gained weight and the dress was the "right" size.  Now I'm back down to the old weight (almost; 2lbs more....but really, I need to go another 12 pounds at least) but I'm a little tired of the dress.  So, I thought I'd make a simple dress.
(I'm so tired of trying to get photos in the right spot!  Both the photos say they're in the center, but neither appear to be while I'm working, and I can't move them!)

This is Butterick 4018, I'm guessing it's out of print, and I don't want to link to eBay or somewhere like that.  It's a "Fast and Easy" pattern, particularly if you don't need adjustments...but who doesn't?  I started out with taking my measurements.  I don't know what was up, but my measurements seemed to be exactly the same as last year.  Then, the next day I tried again, and my bust was 2" smaller.  My other measurements don't seem to have changed much, but I know I am thinner! 
I made the pattern adjustments based on the first measurements and then  made a muslin out of a grey knit bedsheet.  Not a great look, LOL.  Blah.  Sort of like something the Duggar kids would wear, except that it was grey knit instead of blue denim.  Anyway, I knew it would make a good nightgown at least.  I did have to shrink my FBA quite a bit, but something was going on under the arms.  I thought maybe I should trim the armhole down to where the pattern would normally be, but wasn't sure what that would do to the sleeves.  I realized I needed a bit more material actually between the neck and the armhole.  However, I also decided to start with the next size down for the shoulders, and in the end, you  can see the wrinkles right above my bust--it still needs a bit more width there.  Or, is it length?  I shortened it up there because I usually get a fold of fabric above the bust, but these look more like tugging lines. 

I'm also wondering if the empire waist is in the right spot.  It curves downwards at the sides, and I don't think that's flattering, and some of the gathers towards the sides were a little pouffy.  However, it does sit right below my bust nicely.  Perhaps too many gathers?

I'm not thrilled to see how my belly looks in the photos.  It's a thick knit fabric, and I think I could have used a bit more width, and a better undergarment!

I had to make quite a bit of adjustment for the back.  There is a center back seam for a zipper, which I didn't use, but I kept the seam so I could adjust it easier.  At the back neck, I had to take it in quite a bit, and also the lower back.  Since there's no photo of the back of the dress on the envelope, it's hard to know where exactly that waist seam should fall.  I don't mind it where it is, but it seems odd to be empire in the front but not the back.

I added a bit of black lace trim around the neck, and severely underestimated the time it would take to sew that on!

I'm not sure I'd sew this again.  I don't like how the front empire seam points downwards.  I didn't know how to add more width across the abdomen but keep the empire waist the same...

Oh well, it's not like I'll be wearing it much, or like I don't have other patterns to choose from.  Best part though, I bought the fabric at Value Village for $7.99 and there is still lots left!

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