Monday, June 25, 2012

I Hate This Yarn

I bought this yarn at Wal-Mart or Zeller' of those pre-bagged deals, but not "1lb Unknown Fiber".  These had labels...Promo-Fil?  Okay, a quick search on Ravelry and I did find it.  Made by the "Easy Knit" company.  LOL.   I did keep a label, but can't find it at the moment.  It's a cotton, rayon, acrylic blend.  It feels like crap.  Plastic.  Dry.  I suppose it's "soft" in a sense, but I would hate to wear something made of it.  OMG.  I was just looking at the projects on Ravelry with this yarn....and there's my "W" tank.  That I've never worn cause the yarn sucked and didn't dye right.  As I was working this blanket, it reminded me of that vest, but I thought I had used something different (and that perhaps it had been the dye that made it feel awful). 

So, it's just another crochet granny square blanket.  Not too big.  I still have quite a bit of the third ball left but I just didn't want to work on it anymore.  It weighs 236 gr.  I'm sure it's fine for a baby, it's not like it's stiff like cardboard...but it's about as snuggly as cardboard, LOL.  My opinion only, of course.

Looks pretty enough.

Yarn In:  13 866gr
Yarn Out:  236gr + 10 945= 11 181gr
Balance:  2685 gr more In than Out
Costs:  $300.21/182 days = $1.65/day

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