Friday, August 31, 2012

Mommy Rocks!

I mentioned to my mom that if she had time before leaving town on Monday morning, could she please drop by V & S Stedman's and see if they still had the 1lb bags of "unknown fiber" in the creamy, off white.  And she did, and they did, and now I have 592 grams of Patons Lace in the Vintage colour.  Yes, that's more than one pound, but all the bags were opened and had different amounts in them, so Mom put a few balls into one of the bags to make it full again :)  This is equivalent to 6.9 balls of the yarn, or 3468.4 yds, or $62.30 (HST inc, based on $7.99 per ball (85g) at Michaels')....all for the lovely price of $7.90!!!  Oh boy, does this skew my totals for the year, LOL.  There is so much yarn here!  Being a solid colour, it would be lovely for an intricate lace shawl or cardigan.  I could even dye some, though it's only 20% wool/mohair, so the results would be not too intense.  Any shawl suggestions?  So many current shawls are actually based on garter stitch, which wouldn't be necessary with this yarn.  I need an older style shawl, LOL.  Anyway, lets look at how it affected my totals:

Yarn In:  14 236r + 592gr = 14 828gr
Yarn Out:  12 317gr
Balance:  2511gr more In than Out
Costs:  $309.69 + 7.90 = $317.59/249 days =$1.27/day

Well, I'm glad I'm doing this by grams, and not by yards, LOL.  I'm still bringing in more than I'm using,  but I have another crochet square blankie that's almost done, a pair of socks on the needles, the test pair of mittens, felted clogs almost done, and the short row shawl I made that the dye ran out (it's sitting in a dye bath right now).  It has been really interesting to keep track.  I think this is better than saying "I'm not buying yarn this year".  I have resisted buying yarn at times, but being accountable for what I DO buy is great.  Now, if only summer break would end and I can get back to knitting!!

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