Wednesday, October 10, 2012

It's All Marg's Fault!

I think I  can safely blame this latest yarn haul on Marg.  She's in the same Yahoo machine knitting groups as me, and I joined the Kawartha Karriage Knitters' Klub because of her.  Members of this club like to travel into Toronto to visit a yarn store that also deals with knitting machine stuff.  It's not a trendy, come sit on the sofa and chat, type of store.  It's not on a convenient commuter train or subway line.  For someone like me who doesn't city highway drive, it's not that easy to visit.  But the ladies said they'd pick me up on their way in, so how could I refuse?!

I needed a couple parts for my knitting machines, so really, I HAD to go.  And since I was there, I HAD to get yarn too.  2000 grams.  Oh boy.  Some of it was Patons Classic Wool (oops, forgot to see if they had the Classic Superwash Wool DK!), which I try to keep a good stockpile of for felting.  Some was sock yarn--one bag is manly camo colours which should make a cool scarf or gloves.  One big ball is James Brett Marble Chunky which will make a nice boyish blanket to add to the sell box (I do tend to favour girl colours).  Two balls of Patons Lacette in a plum colour to knit with that huge cone of the pink Lacette that I used for ponchos a few Christmases ago and still have a ton left.  Six balls of "Tent Sale" ruffle yarns for scarves.  I really would have liked to buy more, but I"m trying to behave myself.  As it was, I spent $131 in total, but some of that was the parts.

I've got to get sewing in the next few days, and get some mitts done.  I'm still trying to find a craft sale that I can rent a table at, but I fluctuate between "I don't have nearly enough stuff or time to make stuff" and "I've got some neat stuff".  I've also made a connection with a local photographer who is interested in baby photo props.  I feel like I've got so many things happening right now that I can't give enough to each thing, yet I don't want to give anything up.  And did I mention that the basement is being renovated and everything is being moved into my studio space?! 
Yarn In:  2000gr + 15 482gr = 17 482gr
Yarn Out:  13 501 gr
Balance:  3981gr more brought IN than out
Costs:  $317.59 + $99.23 = $416.82/290 days = $1.44 per day

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