Friday, October 26, 2012

Itty Bitty Hats! And a Give Away!

I've mentioned my love-hate relationship with crochet.  When it's going well, I love the speed.  I can follow patterns, to an extent.  However, I am starting to make props for a baby photographer, and crocheting is the fastest way, and most of the best patterns are crocheted.  So I'm sucking it up.  Well, I'll still be knitting some of the items, LOL.

 This is the Cheri Hat with the addition of a button band to make it more boyish/soldier capish.
 It used up all that variegated blue and all a little butterfly of yellow (keep those little bits left over from projects, you never know when you'll need just a little of a colour!).  The blue buttons were one strand of sock yarn, in order to get them small enough!  Weighs in at just 30 grams.
 This precious itty bitty hat was knit sideways on my LK150.  I cast on 30st and short rowed down 6st at one end.  I can't decide which way I like it most, and the picture below makes it a little smaller.  I found a crochet flower pattern on line, and I've put it on a safety pin so the photographer can pick which way she wants the hat for each baby. 

The hat weighs 22grams and the flower is 10grams.  The flower is done in two colours because I wasn't sure I'd have enough to do it all in the matching colour, and I thought it might make it stand out better if the back row of petals was a solid colour.  This hat can easily be handknit too, and I've done many in garter stitch, years ago.  But on the machine....15 minutes :)
And now for the give-away!  Early this year, I received an email from a book publisher offering me free books.  I assumed it must be spam, but I did some googling, and the company did exist, and the books listed were soon to be released.  I still couldn't believe that someone found my blog and wanted to give me books!  Finally, I emailed her back.  Indeed, no obligations.  Since then, I've received several books, and I'm like a little child when a package comes!  LOL.  Right now, I'm at 48 followers.  When I get to 50 followers, I'll let you know, and you can leave a comment, and I'll make a random drawing from the comments on that post.  For the first draw, I'm offering the "Posh Pockets Sewing Tips".  This is an adorable little book with tons of great sewing tips.  I learned a few new things!  So, if you're a casual reader, just add yourself to the followers list, and you might become the winner!
Yarn In:  17 741gr
Yarn Out:  62gr + 14 278gr = 14 340gr
Balance:  3401gr more brought IN than used
Cost:  $420.20/306 days = $1.37/day
Ummm...I was doing good again about not buying yarn, but I grabbed a ball at Wal-Mart, and a couple balls yesterday at Michaels'...the photographer wants matching diaper covers and some more hats!  

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